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NaneGhat (नाणेघाट)

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Monday, 15 July 2013
in Trek

NaneGhat (नाणेघाट)

15th July 2013

NaneGhat is the one of the ancient trade routes, existing right from the Satvahans. It was in extensive use to transport goods arriving at the Junnar which was then a flourished market place.

Type : Ancient Trade Route pass
Grade : Medium
Height : 2800 ft
Base village : Bhoir wadi
Duration : 2 to 3 hrs.

NaneGhat trek finalized and as decided we gathered at Kalyan Bus depo. Took Ahmadnagar bus, (One can take any bus going through Ale phata or nagar). But all were unlucky as no one gets seats so all of us started travelling by standingL. As time passes we all had the benefit of sailing (yes, road condition was not good it felts like we were in boat).
Finally bus took 1st stop for breakfast at Murbad. Due to 1 Hrs standing, muscles needs some stretching. Badi Bhuk bhi lagi thi yarr; Subah se jo kuch bhi nahi khaya tha. (Expect @ home, one glass milk).
Mumbai’s famous Wada-Pav is also called Trekkers breakfast now days. Garam Garam Wada-pav and Chatpati Bhajji filled our tummies and also gave immense pleasure.

Just standing more half hr distance in bus and conductor stopped bus at Naneghat Stop. (It’s before Malshej ghat & 2 km ahead of “Vaishakhare” village).
As get down from bus we saw a huge stone board screening name of Naneghat in Marathi. At back side of stone nicely written
सात्वाहन कालिन ..पू. 250 नाणेघाट व्यापारी मार्ग, कल्याण ते प्रतिष्ठान (जुन्नर)”. Eye-catching stone itself said “yarr ek group photo to mangata hai” .a

Knowing each other in intro session we started our trek towards NaneGhat. The big gate showing way for naneghat caves. The view of Nanacha angatha (Thumb shaped pick of Naneghat) from starting point motivated us. It’s just look awesome.

We were walking on green carpet which nature spared for us. In front of us Naneghat peak saying like “C’mon guys, jaldi aa jao” There were 3 small waterfalls on the rout and after that we select right side. Nice cloudy day and condition is like at any moment rain started showering.

Saw yellow colored bird on the way but like as usual many times yarr I could not recognize that birds. “Bahot bura lagta hai yarr; Kya felling hoti hogi wo ki koi bhi bird dekho and immediately us bird ka naam muh me aaye”
L Sad but true m not good in identifying birds.

Half hour walk on green plateau we entered in deep area, where big trees covered and beautiful flowers with natural designed grasses. Saw yellow colored mushrooms which look like sunflower. Nature opened the supernatural color box and decorated it magically.

Our breathing changed into little faster as normal walks changed into stiff hike. Now the route clearly showed us some big cut steps. Also some broken part of stones is evidence for history.

Route looks similar to Bhimashankar as long trees and dark side. Soon we entered in waterfall route which was stiff and uphill. Every 10 steps the path changed directions like zik-zac,

We were at height where can see the thumb shaped pick in our head. Again uphill and right/left direction hike reached to some open place, where we could see at base villages and at our left massive plateau of Naneghat and at right “nanacha anghatha”.
We can easily see caves inside Nanacha angtha. “S” shaped routes till caves which were little bit tough for new guys.

While ascending saw many groups those started there descends in a big line. Remembered there laughs as whenever someone from them was slipped. Om and two more were already reached in front of caves, while me and Pankaj helps other for directions.

Finally reached caves and can’t imagine the size of caves. A big Waterproff cave inside of big Nanacha angatha. (Thoughts came in my concrete mind “yarr isame to 3 BHK ka flat aram se ban jayega”). In front of cave there were 5 small drinkable net n clear water tanks.

Almost 3 hrs walk made us tired and hungry too so by freshen up we seated comfortably in cave.
Started lunch; what a variety of foods came in front as everyone opens Tiffin boxes. Bread butter with jam, chocolates, Puranpoli, Chakali, Puri-bhajji, Chivada, Kachori, cakes, chapati-batata bhajji, and from my side I opened chocolate flavored box.
One of trek mates Dinesh has his birthday so cake cutting done by birthday songs. Birthday boy gave us Cadburys which reminds us school days.

Now we started to explore, the real awesome patch of Naneghat, that rock patch looks tremendous. What a fine art of stones. Two giant walls; one of Naneghat plateau and other wall were of Nanacha angatha. Tha rocky path showed how delicately it was made in ancient.

Exploring that giant walls and mounting way we move ahead. At end of massive Naneghat walls there was a stony big container (dagadi ranjan). This was used in ancient as Toll coins collection box.

We were going on top plateau of nanacha angatha but suddenly Om shouted “C’mon mitrano, lavkar ya” Om face tells that he found something great. Soon all of us reached there and “oh my god” what a scenary dude” fogs in full speed, just like we watching a race where fogs were participants and we as audience in balcony and cheering them quickly fast. Stunning performance given by fogs in Naneghat valley.

No one from us wanted to move ahead “sach me yarr kya khel tha fog ka, Beautiful”.
As top of nanacha angatha also called us so finally we reached at summit.
At peak I always forget myself or I changed. Really not able to express in words but summit makes me calm and always I just wanna throw myself in that beauty.

We start descends by same route and same time rains started heavily. Wind flow was beyond expectation, so we decided to stay in cave till rain stop. Soon rain minimized pressured and we started again. But due to rain, path changes into waterfalls which made our hike slower n slower.

We all started on same time but due to some slow new trekker we reached late. Still me Om, jadhav and sunil reached almost 45 min early than others.
As all mates came we hire a jeep till kalyan. Finally 8:30 pm reached Kalyan and had nasta as per test.

It’s a really awesome and full masti trek, where we enjoyed lot.

Heavy rain and still I managed to capture some snapshot as I always said…..

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.... :)”


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Ahupe Ghat (आहुपे घाट) Calling

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Monday, 15 July 2013
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Ahupe Ghat

Ahupe Ghat Calling………………..
Every weekend it’s difficult for me to decide where to go for trek. One day left for Sunday but yet not decided where to go as many option of trek events so it was tough decision. Had many plan running in my mind but difficult to select one of from options Peth, Tikona, Harihar and Ahupe ghat. Saturday night was in party but is still confused due to next day plan not fixed where to go. Finally decided Ahupe ghat as it’s not heard before. So Call Ananda and confirmed. (As Vrangers is my home group now
J I didn’t fill guilty ;) of giving instant confirmation of joining event). Itna to chal jata hai yarr kabhi kabhi ;)


Early morning Sunday, woke up at 4:15 am (soya kab tha uthane ko ye abhi tak samajh nai aaya). As meeting point was Kalyan and then Murbad by Bus, so I took a bus from panvel to kalyan. But unfortunately due to new Bus driver I reached Kalyan at time (6:30am) when Murbad bus just left with other rangers. Called Ananda and asked what to do??? He gave me Dipti”s(ranger who also missed Murbad bus) no. She told me that they (another ranger Bitto with her) were going through sharing taxi till Murbad. Finally we reached Murbad. As breakfast had Upama (tasteless), “Mood bigad diya subah subah Upama ne” One Request to Ananda yarrr please kuch bhi milega wo kha lenge kidhr bhi but please yesa breakfast mat lao parcel me please.

Saw familiar faces and met new one too. Fun started within old rangers and our journey started towards Khopivali (A base village) with total 37 rangers in two fully packed jeeps.  9:00 are of morning. Setting was not comfortable but view from outside of jeep was awesome. It looks us going from green carpet as both side of road covered with monsoon color. It’s almost 9:30 am when we reached Khopivalli village. Khopivalli is a small village aprox 20 km away from Murbad.

We started trek and just 10 min passing through the village we came to across waterfall, Wow what a view of Ahupe ghat. From right side massive view of Gorakhgad/Machindragad. Jingle of stream was fantastic. Had intro round there but barely heard anyone voice as water song right to be heard. How we controlled our self to grab all nature beauty in camera???Click click.

Huge mountains In front of us as called ahupe ghat. Fog play hides n sick in ahupe ghat. Outlook of peak with mist was incredible. We started walk from stream and the follow the tail of mountains. Shape of mountains of Ahupe ghat looks an excellent art of a finest artist, just a splendid job. “God tussi great ho” Sahyadri is a marvels creation of god.

We entered in jungle by rising hill, now everywhere nice cold, green atmosphere which gave us more strength to climb. I remembered how Pritam get tired soon as trek just started (When I asked then he told me they never satisfied with last ni8 food and felt tired) See importance of healthy diet.

Again we met with another nice waterfall, some of rangers enjoyed in water as there was no rain from start of trek. All were tired but we started hike slowly but steadily. “Bas ho gaya yarrr” “Aur kitna hai” This type comment show a time for break. Yess yesss Oranges a Vrangers special refreshment. Everyone get half of orange, that half piece of orange gives tremendous pleasure and strength to starts again with new energy.

15 min of hike and we reached at open area as in Ahupe ghat once you enter you won’t be able to walk on flat patches. We were on height so the view of Gorakhgad/Machindragad was simply fabulous. A clear view infects the two peak of Gorakhgad/Machindragad like a crown.

I took one pic of Pritam in such angle that it looks like he wore crown. And suddenly, “Varundev prassana huye hum pe” We were tired, humid but that little rain refreshed us.

Ahupe is a route of continuous climb. You continuously have to raise your legs and another 30 min hike took us to a big beautiful waterfall. I showered my head in that hassled water which re-energized me. One girl Dipti (Dipti her name,I guessed???) slipped due to improper action. She hurts little bit in toes. As she became normal trek started again and that time Pankaj augastin, pritam and I had nice debate on office life which helped to divert topic and Dipti might forgot her pain. As our photography never stop due every step nature gave us new look.

As we crossed stream I observed the rout was joined at point where water fall and trek road again comes together so I decided to climb stream and succeeded. I would like to bring to the attention that it’s not my overconfidence but “kuch to adventure thrill mangta hai na boss”. As I always easily get tired of doing the same old things again n again but yes I love to explore what’s new around to me.

Finally after all walking climbing we were at summit at around 12:15 pm. It’s a U-shaped straight drop of about 200-300 feet. That’s a beauty. Many time people asked me that what you get by this trekking and adventure.. Here I want to give them ans. you sophisticated peoples..See my face, No tension, No worries, see how happy I am, Daily life sucks our happiness but can you see it on my face??? look at my sahyadri… can you ever imagine how it feel when you at summit… where Sahyadri’s winds flow entered in your body, And time when your eyes don’t wanna even blinks for a second and confused what to captured and what not..Guys this is what I acquire, which you can’t get it in any cost in your Concrete jungle.

I lost myself again n again in imaginary view of Ahupe ghat. One side you can get clear view but within min it changed in foggy. Play of fogs in Ahupe ghat was really unforgettable. Lunch call came from Ananda and my mind comes in rangers again. “Areee bhai bhuk lagi hai re”  
“Kisne kya laya hai” All Hungry rangers attack on food, this time where there is no groups or no control, everyone enjoyed each other Tiffin. Remembered pritam’s Tiffin, Chicken curry was not in condition which smells due to it was made in last evening. Another girl Sapna brings delicious Crabs curry, Shikha, Yatin, Shona, Khushbu and bitto all brings good food.

Good photography session carried out. Nicely captured jumping pictures by Yatin(“Aakhir hai to Hamara Panvelkar”) No one forgot Disgusting but funny posses of Hemesh and Bandya(Sheryas). We took many jumps like Chinese film.

“Full masti chalu thi” but Ananda’s focused on wristwatch so pack up call came for decend so we packed up our photo session


At 2:30 pm descend starts in full masti mood. It was nice descend in time pass chit chat session.
I saw one snale on leaf, instantly my hand goes on camera and clicked some nice snaps of beautiful snale. Descend is always quick but it gives big pressure on foot. Had some rest on the way n enjoying scenery of Ahupe; we reached at base at 5:00 pm. Rains already showered us.

All freshen up and desperately waiting for tea. But we took one seep of tea (it’s definitely not a tea what we know as a tea) which flavored like hell. That villager added Parele biscuits in tea; Imagine Parle biscuits in tea????? (WTF).Nastiest tea I ever tested. L

Now it’s time to say bye for Ahupe ghat as well as Khoipavlli village. Jeeps were ready and we started our return journey at 6:00 pm. But it’s not end as new crisis were waiting in next turn as jeep tyre got punchers. Oh no any “sala itane thake the aur tyre ko bhi abhi punchred hona tha” WO bhi dono jeeps ke; and we lost 30 mins. Finally we reached Murbad and we took Bus for Kalyan at 8:00 pm.

Ahupe ghat full thrilling trek also with full enjoyment and full mastii but gave us lots of new knowledge as Sahyadri always teaches us new and we learnt and become more experienced child of Sahyadri trek by trek.

Enjoy all in photos as…..

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.J I Share


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Visapur (विसापूर किल्ला)

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Sunday, 23 June 2013
in Trek

Visapur (विसापूर किल्ला)

To explore Visapur for a long time in my mind but being unfortunate I didn’t get a chance till. It’s Miserable that I had been to Lohgad in last year but missed Visapur as both forts are on same way and both can travel around in one day.
Someone rightly said that everything happens on time.
So Visapur here I am coming towards you for your blessing.

Meeting point was Malavali station (which was base village also). I took bus till Lonavala and then catch Pune local train for Malavali (1st stop from Lonavala).
Woke up early in Sunday morning and reached on time. Yeah yeah fells better. But soon am depressed when come to know that other people missed their scheduled train and they reached 1 hrs.Late
After one hour frustrating killer time on station all late comers came and at 10:00 am we started walk towards Visapur. Another guy Prasad naidu also suffered as he also on time.

On the way had breakfast (Upama) and nastiest tea . After 10 min of walk we reached Malvali village.
As there is a famous waterfall in malavali, saw many people enjoying their weekend with full masti, Shawab and sharab . There we had small intro round and started walk towards destiny of that day Visapur.

Near waterfall there are stairs for Bhaje caves, which we’ll explore at end of trek as per plan. While walking Prasad and me discussed lot on our trek experience, we keep walking but ladies from our group are far behind so we decide to wait for them. When they came we know that one girl’s shoes tearing out. So she wore another pair of socks on shoes and started walk. That was really a good idea.

Beautiful scenery of monsoon everywhere and wide cloud cover sky so hardly got a chance for sun to show his presence. We continued and took many stops along the way as ladies are too slow coz of shoes problem.

Cool atmosphere and eyes are delighted by watching nature’s magic as everywhere special monsoon green color. All trees even little grass showered by nature cool green color.
One can see long wall of Visapur fort while walking. Finally we reached at plateau where roads divided into two directions, Right for Lohgad and left for Visapur. By salute on right side to Lohgad we took left and started walk towards Visapur.

Now flat and easy pathway changed into rigid, strait. Hike was little bit stiff if you are new. As I felt it was very easy. We climb in-between big trees so not able to saw upper side as tree branches covered path and that time one trek mate strike his head on one tree.

Finally we reached at place where some daylight and visible but cloudy sky could see. There was a small cave which overflowing with clean water. We filled our tummy and empty water bottles. Water was chilled so couldn’t able to stop our self to take benefit by showered our head by chilled water.It was really helped us in that reviled situation.

Now we can clearly see Visapur fort wall and can imagine atmosphere on the top but to reach there need to climb a waterfall route which was very stiff. While climbing that tough route we can see stones bricks which might part of fortification wall ones time.

Finally we reached on top safely.What scenery “Awesome simply awesome”; Just Speechless. A huge plateau of Visapur and imaginary nature,. At top so many water tanks and fortification can seen. A solid fortification of wall and you walk on that by enjoying nature show, it seems picture changes as you move. We explored all plateau. Fort wall from Malavali side was long and huger. We enjoyed photography.

We tried to go every side of plateau. We wander about giant wall and all fortification constructions. From Visapur top we can easily see Lohadag Tung, Tikona, and Pavana dam. Nice cool atmosphere, cloudy day and mixture of feelings. It’s nothing but romantic ambiance.

Its 2:00 pm and still not feels hungry as our eyes pleased by nature beauty. Another half an hour we spend on top and at 2:30 pm we starts descend. A slippery rout made descend hard and sharpen stones increases risk. By easy hike in clouds we reached Malavali waterfall.

At base near waterfall staircase starts for Bhaje caves. We visited caves; Cave is covered with big stony looks like big bell. Captured all in cameras and reached base within 10 min.

At base delicious lunch waiting for us which prepared by shelar family. No time we attacked on Thali (Roti;Batata bhaji;Mug ussal;Rice;Dal and yes my favorite mango). Ahhh its really best part of every trek.

Without wasting time me and Prasad reached Malavali station and caught train for Lonavala.and soon we got a train for Mumbai (I still remember how Prasad run to buy tickets and how we got that train from opposite side of track. Prasad, Thanks Buddy).

Low light and clouds, still my cam is on and tried to capture photos for memory as………………
“I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.... :)”

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HarishchandraGad via Nalichi vaat (हरिश्चंद्रगड नळीच्या वाटेने)

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Sunday, 07 April 2013
in Trek


HarishchandraGad via Nalichi vaat (हरिश्चंद्रगड नळीच्या वाटेने)

6th, 7th April 2013

Fort: harishchndraGad
Type : hill fort
Height : 4671 ft
Grade : Hard

History : The fort is quote ancient. The various puranas have many reference of HarishchandraGad. Its origin said to have been in 6th century. this place was ruled by a king named Harishchandra (not the one we usually hear of). He built this temple dedicated to the lord Shiva followed by a ShivLing near a small waterfall beside the temple. A small citadel at the top of the mountain was named after his wife Taramati. Another mountain in the same range, a few miles away was named after his son Rohidas. Never ever in the history of this mountain did any battle take place here? The various caves probably carved out in the 11th century. Great sage Changdev used to medicate here in 14th century. Harishchandreshwar temple and kedareshwar indicates fort belongs to medieval period. Later the forts were in under control of Moguls and The Marathas captured it in 1747.

Trek: Yes it’s a most awaited trek for me bcoz of I heared lots of about HarishchandraGad trek via Nalichi vaat. Mainly tough endurance so it required lot of physical stamina. Where need to walk long miles.

6th Apr night at 12:15 am our journey started from Mumbai by a privet vehicle towards base village Walivare (belpada) where we’ll gather with Pune’s member. We enjoyed tour in Malshej ghat road, just little bit disappointed bcoz of we managed our self in inadequate space.

We reached walivare (base village) at around 3:00 am, where we saw our pune’s members are in deep sleep. We have to wake up at 4:30 am in early morning and only 1 and half hour remaining so without wasting time we all rest our bodies and took a little nap.

We woke up one by one and starts tiny campfire. After everyone freshens up we enjoyed teasty kandepohe. Also Prasad gave us Thepale in parcel for breakfast, so we could enjoy it on the way if hungry. It’s now 05:15 am of cool morning. Ahead in whole trek there is no source of water so we filled all water bottles and starts to walk with twinkling stars. It was completely dark where everyone on their torches. It looks nice. I managed to shoot some shots through my camera.

After a hike of 1 hr we were at plateau where we could see big Kokankada in front. It’s a nice place to captured whole wall of kokankada. ”konkankada” is a natural rock wall, a concave fall of 900 mtrs. Also could see a awesome view of big HarishchandraGad peak.
Its 07:00 am of lovely morning, some more photo shoot of beautiful landscape we started trek and soon we reached at Nali. A Sturdy way for HarishchandraGad the
famous Nalichi vaat. Big stones shows there giant look everywhere. We were quick but Nalichi vaat down us. Awesome nature with nice trek mates we enjoyed hike.

Walking, climbing, and lots of jumping finally we reached 1st rock patch. From trek starts that were first time where all group gathered. It’s really nice for climbing but it was too easy. Still our WTA team decided to add rope there, as many little stones are loosen by every wrong steps. One by one completed by own style. I remembered one guy Ajit, who gave us lots of laugh bcoz he caught at top of rock patch and Indrajeet helped by latterly pulling him out.

The Nalichi vaat gave us awesome view of long valley. Some more big rocks and for climb with loosen little stones at feet. Here I understood the value of my trekking shoe (Action trekking shoe) as it gave me nice support and makes my walk easy. Steady patches have to climb by your own skill bcoz whenever you take wrong steps there is small stone fall starts which too scary for backward member. 2nd rock patch was good as it gave nice show of Nalichi vaat. We ate Thepale on a big stone where easily many people can seats comfortably.

We move towards 3rd rock patch. Way was too scary bcoz of loose footing? Here rope is needed for support as there was a big crack on rock wall which feasible to fall at any time. We could not able to seat in relax and even not easy to stand normal bcoz of slippery path. Yes it was a nice patch.

At top of 3rd patch we could able to see whole Nalichi vaat. There was a big stone where we took many photos by different poses. A scary traversing gave us some thrill as dangerous fall on other side. A nice dangerous view gave immense pleasure to our eyes. Wow nature is really too imaginative. Soon everyone completed 4th rock patch and Nalichi vaat is finished safely.

11:30 Am; we at plateau where sun ruined us by hot rays. Everyone enjoyed Nimbu pani and had Thepale, Chakali. Some more climb and we at top of KOANKADA. Everyone amazed while watching Kakankada beauty. Simply amazing. Kokankada clif is not just vertical but it is an overhade looks like a cobra’s hood. We all were speechless while watching magnificence Kokankada. The bird eye view from kada was incredible. We all park ourself at top side of kokankada and try to capture stunning panorama in blinking eyes. We could see huge peak of HarishchandraGad. There was a hole made on edge where you can stand and see all Kokankada wall. I want to feel that air flow in my body at that height and at edge of Kokankada so I removed my T-shirt and by flying my wings imagine bird stance. Yes have some photoshoot with different posses. ( Hmm someone tweets “body dikha raha hai sala” guess who ??? obviously sala Pritam hoga (aur kisme dum he J ).

We decided to leave kokankada and head towards Harishchandreshwar temple. Small hike and we reached plateau where at top we could see TARAMATI and at base a marvelous temple of lord Shiva. Around this temple there a few caves and water tank. Water tanks surrounding temple not looks clean as need to be. The river MANGAL GANGA is said to originate from one of the tanks. Inside temple there was a big water tank and filled with cold drinkable water. Really what a fine art of carving sculptures of temple. A short distance away, another temple called Kashitirth temple . Inside a big cave temple has been carved out from a single huge rock.

Going rightwards of Harishchnadreshwar temple we come cross a huge cave which called KEDARESHWAR. Inside cave there is a big shivlinga which is surrounded by ice cold water. There is only one pillar remaining who acts like support to whole cave. Oh what a nice idea to take bath after long walk and climbing. We entered in ice cold water and enjoyed it. It’s extremely cold as heard. We scarcely managed to be there for more time inside. Amazing cave with one pillar was nice sight and couldn’t control to capture it in various angles. It’s just a masterpiece.

After long walk, climbing all was extremely hungry. As food already ordered and which was waiting for us, so with no time all were attacked as we were hungry form many days.
Bajari/Jauri bhakari with soyabin sabjji and rice with special tadka dal and yes onion rings. Wow what a tasty food it was. I still remember that delicious soyabin and tadka dal. Yummeee
we all were exhausted by long walk and after ice cold bath with delicious lunch not able to control our bodies to rake rest. The cave was as big as easily 50 peoples can accommodate. We just removed shoes and give up on the floor. Within minute some off were literally snoozing.

Wake up after one hour with full fresh mind but heavy body. Still want to sleep for some more time but as we want to go downhill we hardly control minds and get ready for descend. In our plan there is Taramati trek also there but due to less time and tirede body we cancelled. Just salute Taramati from cave and started return journey.

Descend was quite easy through Tolar khind. We left Khireshwar and move towards Khubi village via Tolar khind. It was a nice descend and enjoyable as me and Prasad shared many historical info. We saw Pimpal mori dam and khubi village (also able to saw our busJ) while descend. On the way Prasad showed us Junnar darwaja (Rajmarg). While descend we were lucky as got chance to ate Ranmeva Karvanda (Conkerberry). Mouth-watering karvanda, still that delicious karwanda makes water in my mouth ;)

Finally we reached Khubi village where appetizing dinner of mixed vegitables, chapatti, dal rice and papad made our day. With full masti, full adventure and thrill; the awesome trek comes to end with nice memories in mide and as usual with new friend. This is one of best trek I had ever been. Kokankada my friend see you soon, Definatily I will come again to hug you bcoz now you are my best strong friend and yes for your blessing as you are proud part of sahyadri.

Check it out all above mentioned chronicles in snapshot as………………….

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.J I Share


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Velas Biking for turtles festivle with Vrangers

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Adventure, fun, love for nature and fuelling the hopeless addiction of exploring
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on Saturday, 30 March 2013
in VRangers Biking

Bike Trip to Velas with Vrangers ---VelaBLOG---By Ranger Dhananjay Sharma.
Someone said, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Vrangers says what happens in Velas stays in heart for aeons!!!
Just back from a bike trip to Velas, a small village along the Konkani coast of Maharashtra. With vrangers had gone there primarily to see the release of Olive ridley sea turtles that hatch at this time of the year (Sorry to have fun)...hahaha...
Sun, surf, sand, forts, wildlife, cool climes, fun n Frolic, it’s all here. So it comes as no surprise that while looking for weekend getaway options, we don’t look too far or beyond our home state. That would also probably explain why eight places from Maharashtra feature in the list of top 10 popular tourist hangouts in West India, according to a survey carried out by travel portal, Holiday IQ, and velas is “unfortunately” one of them (Human will never leave anything virgin..)
Incidentally, according to the travel portal, the top 10 most visited spots in the state are within reach for those looking to escape the city, accessible with just a tank full of gasoline and some good company (incidentally Vrangers has habit of amassing likely minded coterie) 
Two days, 500 kilometers, one forts and tranquil villages is the concise material description of what we experienced on the just passed weekend. However, the real essence of those moments is just beyond vocabulary to express.
It was impromptu decision to join karthik, and as per plan was waiting for kathik to come out of operation theatre and start journey, but doctor and his accomplice forced me to wait for another 2 hrs at MAN-khurd (right Karthik). We started out on the afternoon of 23rd Feb 2013 on karthik’s HUNGERbird which occasionally cajoled me to have tea, other riders had already left early morning. It was a long drive that we chose to embark on that hot noon on the Mumbai-Goa highway. 
We started from Panvel at 1:00 PM on Saturday, 23rd Feb noon. We started out with cognizant minds of the long drive. After lunch at Mahesh lunch home, we quietly moved out of the Panvel city and that is when they began to feel the heat amidst spiky traffic due to ongoing double lane WIP . Once we treaded along the Goa highway after bifurcation from the Mumbai-Pune road, it was a cool and calm ambience greeting us with in between intermittent opposing vehicular traffic. As planned earlier, we quickly saw Pen being left behind and approached Wadkhal Naka. 
We started on our journey further. Our next destination for the scheduled halt was supposed to be Mangaon. The metaled road of the highway quickly slipped under the tires of bullet as we breezed past Nagothane and Kolad. Moving across the lonely roads at a brisk pace we reached Mangaon for our round of tea and karthik’s next cigarette, there we realized bullet started puking, after some assessment decided to move ahead, soon pradip and sonya joined us and we rode 180 Kms long drive on the boulevards and the last stretch being quite bumpy, after crossing via jetty reached velas finally surprised to see samuhik snan of varun, kamlesh and kunal, later had awesome dinner in banana leaf which is one more reason of visiting velas and staying at Joshi uncle’s house.

The enchanting Vrantakshri (Vrangers Antakshri)
Though four of us missed fun of being together mumbai to velas ride, post dinner fun erased the pain of pillion to karthik’s iron plated seat of thunderbird, we met for bon- fire/antakshri, to which kunal’s puranpoli and dipendra’s sewai was cherry on cake, The LALLLAAA viza razzaa…struck us and it was suffix to all songs to which our opponent team zeroed to ohh Balma..antakshri continued late night which several beats of songs making void at times for song starting with “M” and “N”..
Rest awaited us and a much deserved one!
We were back to our den to sleep but never expected how can MERI AWAZ SUNGHO can infuriate me, the night started with kharattaas (snorers) and three musketeers Kunal, kamlesh and karthik kept chit chatting late night, somehow managed to get 1 hr sleep when dipendra’s peeled of everyone’s blanket to make us realize olive ridley turtles are waiting for us, we freshened and ran all the way to see three turtles cordially invited by mumbaikars and punekars, circled, clicked, as if aladin’s chirag was found till it swiftly swung into action in Arabian sea.
Vrangers swung to their action of photography, mud bath, cross country failed swimming competion of kamlesh and juntas and special deepak and dipendra’s sweet and notorious undersand activity (nangasadhu).
Standing on the edge of the bastion I was embracing the cool winds flowing offshore in a serene village of Konkan, as my visions were filled with the seamless blending of the emerald green of the Arabian Sea and the Sapphire blue of the clear skies. The gushing sound of the water seemed to dissolve the golden sands on the shores of turtle’s den as the green frothed into effervescent white and the gold quietly surrendering to the might of the invading sea waves. Such was the magnificence of the beauty that nature bestowed us with in these two memorable days, which has called me to velas for second time.
The turtle festival ended at Joshi uncle house with garam chai and poha, gangnam dance with some adventurous garma garam kahani/exp.
Folks, riders, singers, adventurers finally left for another fun and photo session to bankot fort. After winding turns and ups and downs, 32 kms were rolled by and we reached Mandangad. It is quite a developed township and caters good facilities for tourists, after gulping sugarcane juice, Beerangers started riding for Mandangarh and reached Mangaon for lunch.
The trip ended with feedback session near Karnala bird sanctuary with Ananda as surprise, the fun of Lalllaaa, o balma, meri awaz sungho, snoring, bonfire, sewai, antakshri, poha, chai, joshi uncle den will always be missed.
For me, Vegas is a vacation from being overinhibited, in the highly overinhabited yet uninhabitable city of complete uninhibition
Dhananjay Sharma
(I reiterate, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Vrangers says what happens in Velas stays in heart for aeons!!!)

Dhananjay Sharma
(I reiterate, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Vrangers says what happens in Velas stays in heart for aeons!!!) —

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Chanderi night trek & Pinacle Climbing

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Sunday, 17 March 2013
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VRangers Chanderi night trek & Pinacle Climbing


Region: Karjat
Height: 2592 ft (above MSL)
Base Village: Chincholi
Grade: Medium upto Fort, Pinnacle: Tough
I guess B’coz of I don’t have any practice of using public transport, might this transportation system had taken revenge on me.
As predicted Pritam, Mayur twits few comments on me and am trying to convince them but no chance. Mean time Ananda/Deepak arranged 2 privet vehicles (from that one is JincredibleJ) and @ 11:50 pm our trek started towards Base village Chincholi. It’s nice to see some knowing faces over there from last treks like Prakash/Thakare/Arun.

All view was just imaginative. Mountains, dams, small villages; everywhere.
You can see Prabalgad, Kalavantin pinnacle, Mahismal, navra-navri, Haji manlang, IrshalGad, Peth from Chanderi summit.


9th Mar night- 10th Mar 2013 .

Fort: Chanderi

History: There is no significant history attached to this fort. Near the caves on the fort are visible some remnants of fortification. This is the only sign to designate Chanderi as a fort. Although worth mentioning as the jewel in the crown of forts in the district of Raigad

Trek: लख लख चंदेरी तेजाचा न्यारा हा चंदेरी किल्ला

The most awaited trek from last many months has finally come …. Me & pritam many times posted on Vrangers group about to arrange chanderi climbing and might because of persist, ananda & team finally added event of chandery night trek and climbing.

It’s 9th Mar night and as per schedule we need to gather at Badlapur station @ 11:26; from there we could travel towards the base village. No no not again L I miss my train which was preplanned, all trek mates on time; except me. I took next slow local for Badlapur and reached 20 min late. (2nd time in trek lifeL).

After a half hour tour we reached Chincholi village. Filled our tummy & bottles with water and we started hike in presence of only starlight (As moon is on leave; as his monthly W/off. ordinary people called it as “AMAVASYA”). Torches on and our long trek headed for Chanderi. Yes yes why should I forgot to mentioned that Pritam forget to bring his torch J J J J

It was a pleasant trek in cool atmosphere but soon we tired coz of stiff hike. Ananda @ front as usual, Mayur is @ middle but due to his tendency as wall he always came’s with us at back but Deepak was wall for trek. Pritam, Prakash, Thakre nd me enjoyed Trek chitchat. Once stiff part finish we were at flat plateau. Had small intro round where before someone pointing on my behind schedule, I gave my intro as latecomer. Hope It gives immense pleasure to my friends. Am I right Pritam/Mayur????

Without delay we precede ahead; where we could see Chanderi on left & big Mhaismal on right. Saw white arrow marking which shows the directions. We followed the white markings in torchlight, No one natter except us. While intro session Ananda told us about how stiff waterfall routs, some off ignored L but actually it realizes only when we reach there. Yes the rout was really hard as like Sandhan vally coz we have to use this only way which is for Chanderi. As waterfall rout come we relaxed little bit there. It’s nice to captured photos of bushed faces of mate’sL. Giant’s stones everywhere we took left which are close to waterfall but could able to imagine the presence of waterfall rocks at side.

After an hour hike all are drained as it was a straight climb. Many times we observe trek organizers carry heavy bags. But never knew how heavy it was. Finally I & pritam decided to take trek experience by bringing those heavy bags. So we convey our thoughts to Ananda/Mayur, and they accept it without hesitation (I guess they want to check our determination. L Mayur SaleJ). Mayur handover his gigantic bag towards us. Pritam took it first & gave his normal bag to Ananda.

I like night treks as everywhere we can fill peace, which always gives me nice filling may be coz of it keeps away from daily noise. Easily I could able to read face of pritam as bcoz giant bag & it also warning for me that in next turn it’ll comes on my shoulder. We took some rest on flat stones where in Manson water usually plays jumpy rides. Without anyone told I felt that it’s our turn to face those giants (bags). Ok I gave my small but sweet bag to Pritam & ready to bring monster. Initially I felt good as in mind-set of “bus itna sa weight” But honestly guys it was terrible experience to carry it in waterfall way. Very less opportunity for grip, you just your own. Balance your body with such type of weight in mountains is essential.

I remember one gujju boy named LaLLAn who give up at one stiff spot. I have alredy burden of monster bag and pritam also irritate to explain routs to new trekkers. At the same time LALLAN asked us to take his own bag??? We both just amazed and our ears do not believed what he said, we asked him again; what?? And literally I don’t know how I control my anger by his request. What the hell he said to take his bag??But we control our self, Pritam calmly took his bag and gently we started our hike. Really hate this kind of people who think that trekking in Sahyadri is like picnics in garden.

It’s 4:00 am and we all drained. At start Ananda, mid prakah & thakre and at back we push all trekkers. Finally team at base of chanderi pinnacle. But still I & pritam slowly finished as there is heavy wind, stiff climbing and mainly we had that monster bag.

We at muharthan of “MAHASHIVRATRI” and at chanderi pinnacle base there is lord SHIVA’s small temple. So all villagers are usually visited there while MAHASHIVRATRI. We reached near caves; there are two big caves over there but both packed by Lord SHIVA’s bhaktgan. The caves are huge horizontally. One disgraceful thing which was Lord Shiva Bhaktagan has made it very dirty with plasticsL

We all are tired and its aprox 5:00 am so without wasting time we loosen our bodies on the way. Small stones pinned at our backs but literally we slept without fret. But we could not able to sleep as many bhaktgan with their big voice walking by our sides. But relaxed backs with closed eyes gave us more needed comfort.

Lots of voice so we decided to wake up, as morning started to spew beautiful view. Cold atmosphere makes us energetic. Yes our camera called us to capture whole scenery. So by flash-flash all view captured by blinking eyes. By the time Ananda prepared special Maggie with help of prakash/Thakare. Pritam contribution was also impressive. Mayur/Dipak joined us at 8:00 am. Now we were ready for actual Chanderi climbing. With Lord Shiva blessings we started climbing. One of trek mate give up there so we handover our extra luggage to him.

First we did scary traversing and reached where actual climbing starts. There is one water tank which nicely filled with clean water. Nice session of scary climbing. Rocks are just like flat facade, hardy there was chance for stood comfortably. For climbing you have to find your own grip with three grip rule. Loosen rock patches were there so climber need to be careful while select grip. One patch is there which is very risky; you must find one step ahead and then find grip for second one then move. One by one we completed it. Some off mates were too slow but they did.

After scary patch we thought this one is last but same patches come again n again. I remembered that only one tree which helps and if needed someone can add rope over there for support. I guess for new climbers rope is needed for these patch. From this we could see Awesome view of sahyadri where lots of colorful nature everywhere. Every patch where I got chance to stand comfortably I took snaps of scenery/trek mates. I still remembered ananda’s eye J whenever we used cameras. Slippery small way and more patches; where many little stones come down when someone’s wrong steps. There was one cave which had some soiled water.

Some more climbing and we at point where eye catching view of Nagin (it’s a line of little hills one by one) There is one natural made hole in hill; this was imaginative. Finally we at summit of Chnaderi pinnacle. The climb upto the pinnacle was the most challenging i had ever attempted. No safety ropes. And rock climbing for the first time. What a view yaar. Simply mind blowing. I don’t know what I like when I am at top but yes summit gives me pleasure. No noise no tension when you at this top.

Someone rightly said Chanderi is a jewel in the crown of forts.

“SHIV CHATRAPATI, SHIVAJI MAHARAJ KI JAI, PURANDAR, GOBRAMHAN PRATIPALAK, SINHASANADHISHWAR, RAJADHIRAJ, SHRI SHIVCHATRAPATI MAHARAJ KI JAI”. At summit Chtrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue and a big Bhagva flag indicates Swaraj armor. With proud feeling took some group photos and all panoramas.

We start descend with big chest; Climbing down is also tricky here. Due to many slow trek mates we climb down slowly but safely. Sun was beating down on us heavily so we are so thirsty. At pinnacle base team prepared Nimbu-pani. Cold water from cave was simply marvelous. It revived us.

We reached at big cave where we had lunch and took a little nap. Descend is quite simple and quick. It took us just over an hour to reach the plateau from where the real agony started. All our water bottles were empty, and with the entire open plateau go on, after about an hour’s walking in the hot sun we were back to base village Chincholi. Enjoy cold water on face and by magic (vehicle) we get to Vangani station.

Mission accomplished and captured in cameras for life history.

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.J I Share

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Kalavatin & Prabalgad

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Sunday, 03 March 2013
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KalaVantin Pinnacle & PrabalGad Fort 2nd Mar Night-3rd Mar 2013

Height above mean sea level: 2320 feet.
History : There is not much mention of this fort in history. However in 1658, Shivaji conquered Prabalgad from the Mughals, after establishing his powers in the Kalyan-Bhiwandi area. When Shivaji attacked the fort, the Mughal Sardar and fort chief Kesar Singh forced himself and the ladies in the fort to commit suicide so as to save themselves from falling into the hands of the Marathas. His mother along with her grandchild hid inside the fort by the fear of Shivaji, but such was the greatness of Shivaji that on finding them he sent them to their village with genuine respect and dignity.
Trek : Many times we visit various places which are far away from us but forgot our near rest beautiful places. It’s not that we don’t want to go there but normally we chose places those takes us away from our schedule life and which are helpful to us to forget our daily stressful routines.

The same happens with me when I saw event for night trek to Kalavatin & Prabalgad near to Panvel. I just amazed, we are living in panvel and still we not climb up Kalavantin and explore beautiful Prabalgad??? which is just near to panvel. So without any mind excuses I decided to join this event. Shared this event with trek mate Pritam and confirmed our seats.

Mumbai members are gathered at Panvel Bus stand. I met nice people from Airoli (Mohan, Sameer, Prasad and Sarika). We were waiting for bus which will comes from Pune with members. I saw some of foreigner standing there. As Bus came’s I realized that foreigner with us in trek, we moved at around 10:45 pm from Panvel towards Shedung phata-Thakurwadi (A Base village). At Thakurwadi Hanuman mandir we had tasty Dinner (Chapati/Sabjji/Aamrakhand). Every time we came to an open field we could see both our targets the Kalvantindurg and the way to Prabalgad,.

Nice atmosphere, Stars shining in sky and blackout on base so Torch on and our trek started towards Prabalmachi (Base point where we can approach Kalawantin pinnacle & Prabalgad both) by bullock cart road at 12.15 am. Thakurwadi to Prabalmachi is a narrow pathway of. Approx 2 to 3 Km. Some info for Prabalmachi is, in past there was a plan to convert Prabalgad fort into a tourist resort or hill station like Matheran but it was discovered that water was non-existent during summer so plan was discard . Thank god because one more place stay natural. On the way of Prabamachi, There was a sculpture on rocks, idol of Lord Ganesh and Lord Hanuman carved in wall itself.

Finally, we reached in PrabalMachi (approx 985 ft) at 2:30 am - A small village situated on plateau. Oh my god what panorama it was. We are on plateau, In front of us many small villages and panvel city lightened up, and our back side Kalavantin pinnacle and Prabalgad put off moon light. At base long view one can see lights & lights which look good but is it needed to put on such more electricity in night??? (That time thought comes in my mind, how much we waste energy). Anyways sandy & Prasad fixed tents on plateau and some off starts prepare campfire. One by one all assemble near campfire so we started introduction round. As per request one wonder boy Bharat (he is in 8th STD) starts nicely with POWADA. That was amazing.

As our Spanish friend’s seats beside me so whenever anyone starts introduction they asked me for meaning, from that time I am became a translator for them. And in whole trek everyone called me as translator; I guess only few of trek mates remembered my names. I have to mention here great Mohan hindalekar who sang a song which lyrics and also well composed by him. (Bappa baghtoy bagha bappa baghtoya), still I remember the sounds of claps, easy lyrics but huge meaning. What to say just salute for song and Mohan dada. Prasad shared with us nice history about Prabalgad fort. As introduction with song was nice idea so I requested to joseba, idoia, Laura, arrana and lucia to gave there intro with any Spanish song. Nice song but sorry I forget (I just remember the claps). We retired for day at 3:30 am. But I couldn’t sleep as many thoughts cames in my mind while watching of sleepy Panvel. Overlook by no means. It’s a remarkable.

Morning 5:30 am wake up by listening cock voice a natural alarm clock. We were at height of 985 ft and in front of us beautiful view of deep valley bisected by Kalavantin pinnacle and PrabalGad. Panvel city and Sahyadri range lost in fog but scenario looks awesome so all cameramen rush to capture it. We all freshen up and had breakfast of Fresh kandepohe with lime and hot lemon grass tea. Now real trek starts, as per schedule first we were going to climb kalavantin pinnacle, hike was easy in such cool atmosphere.

We saw many unseen flowers on the way with listened bird’s songs. One horizontal cave was there which approx is 15 ft long. The Kalavantin durg has series of steps. Some of steps are not as good as they look so watchfulness is important; it’s difficult for those who are new to rock patches. At middle of kalavantin we are able to take shower of warm sunlight which makes us more energetic. It was a steep route again via slippery rock patches. After some more series of steps we reached on small plateau. Still to reach on top we need to climb one final patch, so team took help of rope so it becomes easy. Still it’s difficult for some of trekFriends. Sarika almost gives up but finally she did well. We climbed that patch and reached on top.
What a peak, its approx 2330 ft above MSl. From top, one can see huge plateau of matheran, Karnala, Chanderi, haaji-malang range and plateau of prabalgad. Landscape was just eye catching and it’s difficult to decide what to capture and what not. On plateau I and Lucia danced on Gagnam style. I asked Lucia about Tomatino festival, which she doesn’t like. Later she clarify that it’s not a Spain national festival, as it celebrate only in some town and according to her it’s just a waste of vegetables. I speculate for second, is she right? But if we leave the part of fun from such kind of festivals yes she was right, many times just because of our traditions we do wrong things.

We jumped on rock by giving flying poses for camera and gave some funny poses for group photos on plateau. We started descending Kalavantin durg at around10:45 am and after easy hike we reached Prabalmachi again at 11:30 am. Exhausted trekkers took rest but we were hungry too. Soon calls come as lunch was ready; there is dining arrangement like table/chairs but without telling all were seats on ground which I really like. Bhakari, mix subjji, Dal rice with pickles and papad. Taste made our day. Took rest till 12:45 pm.

We decided to move towards our next target Prabalgad fort. Same way for Padargad but need to take right side direction. Sun literally just in mood to kill us. as Its mid time of the day. We walk few minutes and took rest. We took many stops while ascending. On the way we saw similar cave like we saw on kalavantin way. It’s a long tunnel which you have to go inside by your knee but inside it was too big where 5 to 8 peoples can stand easily. We start to walk again as due to hot, dry atmosphere we can’t walk fast. Soon we finished our drinking water and dehydrated.

I realized the value of fresh water (I remember how much I wasted it all the time) but thank god some of our mates carry extra water which helps us from dehydration. That was too hectic for me and decided that never do treks in summer again. (But inside I knew it was just a time thought). As all members gathered Prasad and Abhi decided to took some rest. I closed my eyes for calm and someone sprinkle chill water on my face that was Mohan dada. Wow tremendous; I took that sprinkle it was a spray added to a bottle and it gave immense pleasure. What an idea sirji (mohan Da thaks yarr).
We bushed so took benefit of chilled water. One of member literally slept on dust and filled all bottles by water. After enjoying more sightseeing on Prabalgad’s edge, we started of back for the downward journey. Then we proceeded towards Kalavantin view point, where one can see entire kalavantin durg in one sight. Wow simply awesome, Beautiful scenery was just eye catching.
Back home - with new memories and some new friends. J

We started our trek again, There was a pleasant discussion between Idoia, Areana and me on our countries Near about half an hour trek we reached top of plateau fort area.. Two flags over there. Two water tank from which one is full of clean water and other had some soiled mix. What an architecture which holds water at top of plateau from top we can see Irshalgad, Morbe dam, matheran plateau and huge landscape which you can’t captured in your eyes. Photography session carried out. Some significant of fort over there which shows how Prabalgad is. Some braked rock sculpture was there. We were at one side of Prabalgad which explored but other side is still untouched, Info shared by Prasad. That was Amazing

Felts like I am bird and the whole area are for me to fly unconditionally.In front we could see the Kalavanteen durg with its steep rock-cut steps. Everyone try to capture those moments in cameras. After this, we started descending the Prabalgad. We reached in Prbalmachi, freshan up and then rested for an hour or so. With tea in hand we enjoyed beautiful sunset. Awesome experienced and memories in mind we leave prabalmachi. Soon reached at base Thakurwadi. Bus came and enjoyed traveling till Panvel.

Tried to captured all this written in cameras as I always used to say

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.... I Share



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VRangers B'day Celebration 2013...अविस्मरणीय

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Adventure, fun, love for nature and fuelling the hopeless addiction of exploring
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on Monday, 18 February 2013
in Celebrations

अविस्मरणीय आठवणी ...

Vrangers चा B'day event .. Lavali base camp.. खूप उत्सुक  होतो ..
खर म्हणजे मी खूप खुश होतो ते योगायोगामुळे ... माझा वाढदिवस आणि Vrangers चा वाढदिवस एकाच दिवशी !!!
सर्व Rangers कल्याण  स्टेशन ला भेटले .. काही जुने काही नवीन .. सर्वांना पाहून बर वाटल.
आणि आमचा परिवार जीप च्या दिशेने निघाला ..
९ तारखेच्या रात्री १०:३० च्या सुमारास आमच्या जीप्स नाशिक च्या दिशने निघाल्या...
प्रवासात सगळ्यांच्या गप्पा टप्पा चालू होत्या .. माझ्या शेजारी Lavali base camp चा मस्त organizer दीपक होता..
दीपक ने रूट बद्दल आणि क्याम्पिंग बद्दल खूप माहिती सांगितली...
आम्ही कसारा जवळ आमच्या जिगरबाज Bike-Rider कमलेश ला pick केलं .
कसारा सोडल आणि वाढणाऱ्या थंडी बरोबर वेळ हि उडू लागला ...
फोन मध्ये १२ वाजले आणि आनंदा ने गाडीत च announce केल ..
"अपने साथ १ बंदा हे , जिसका आज b'day हे .. मयुर happy b'day"
मग सगळ्यांनी गाडीतच गाण गाउन अभिनंदन केल..
घाटणदेवी च्या मंदिरा जवळ आम्ही dinner साठी थांबलो ...
वेज /नॉन वेज dinner झाल्यानंतर सुधीर ने सर्वात मोठ surprise दिलं.
माझ्या साठी cake आणला होता ...
सर्व Rangers बरोबर cake-cutting celebrate झाल..
अडीच - तीन च्या सुमारास आम्ही Lavali base camp.. ला पोचलो ..
आणि एवढी सुंदर arrangement पाहून खूप बर वाटलं .. tent,campfire आणि आनंदा स्पेशल सूप !!!
कुणाल , कमलेश , अमोघ या संगीत दिग्गजांनी रात्र गाजवली ... आणि संदेश चा रंदेश तयार झाला..
अगदी पाहटे सगळ्यांनी जरा उबदार tents मध्ये पाठ टेकली. मी व कुणाल फेरी साठी निघालो..
पहाटे च रम्य वातावरण , उगवता सुर्य , विरणारी थंडी , तोंडातल्या वाफा आणि लुनाल ने दाखवलेले सुंदर पक्षी.. सगळ कस सुंदर च !!!!
परतलो तेंव्हा सगळे तयार होते .. आनंदा आणि सुधीर ने एक आगळा वेगळा introduction round cum game घेतला ...
नंतर २ तास जे वेगवेगळे team building games खेळण्यात मज्जा आली.. एकदम फुल २ धम्माल !!
शेवट चा game front रोल  मारण्या चा होता .. आणि माझी गम्मत म्हणून on d spot मला खोटं अंतर सांगून double रोल्स मारायला लावले !!!
मग सगळे Rangers पाण्यात उतरले .. त्या तलावाच्या थंड पाण्यात सगळे मनसोक्त डूंबले.
पाण्यात खेळल्या मुले खूप भूक लागली  होती..
मस्त पैकी नॉनवेज जेवणावर ताव मारला... जेवताना सुधीर , कुणाल यांची मस्करी चालूच होती..
जेऊन झाल्यावर , सर्व Rangers मधला अर्जुन बाहेर आला..
धनुष्य - बाणा ची activity खूप रंगली.
मग आम्ही सगळे  Lavali base camp च्या कार्यकर्त्याना भेटलो व निरोप घेतला...
एवढी सुंदर जागा , एवढी छान arrangement , पाय निघत नव्हता..
सगळा डोळ्यात साठवून जीप मधून निघालो.. कल्पेश बरोबर डुलक्या काढत काढत घोटी पर्यंत पोचलो..
घोटी ला feedback round झाला , सर्वांचा निरोप घेऊन मी कमलेश बरोबर bike ने पुढे निघालो..
घोटी ते नाहूर जवळ पास दीडशे किलोमीटर .... सुसाट वेगात .... !!
"आयुष्या त जेवढे वाढदिवस साजरे केले त्यातील सर्वात सुंदर दिवस हा होता !! ".
धन्यवाद - VRangers ,  Lavali base camp organizers आणि सर्व Participants !!


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PadarGad with VRangers

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Sunday, 17 February 2013
in Trek

PadarGad with VRangers on 17th Feb 2013

PadarGad (height 2002 ft) name itself tells the story Bcoz of its different name and singular info. In past whenever I had Bhimashankar trek this PadarGad always called me. Being unfortunate I didn’t get a chance till. Finally V-rangers offer the opportunity to view, climb and explore PadarGad. There are two pinnacle named as KALAWANTIN or KALAWANTIN cha mahal.

Pritam and I expected CHANDERY climb on 17th Feb but Event added by V-Rangers team as PadarGad Trek on 17th Feb, it’s ok? As event added quickly I clicked on going but forgot to give conformation to V team and another part is last night before trek I called Macchindra and asked for avail seat. agreed, it’s my fault guys. (kya karu yaar busy schedule rehta he mera). Yes Macchi and Mayur are going to lead the whole trek. As per schedule we are going to meet at Karjat but to reach karjat I have to use public bus from Panvel but due to some problem in Bus I was 15 min late. Now Macchi/Pritam got a chance to call me as late comer (but let me tell you guys in my trek life its first time I got late (only 15 min.) due to transport issue, (Bike lani chaiye thi yaarr). Total 26 rangers gives their nominations by joining event but only 11 rangers arrived. Strange peoples!

OMG, I forgot camera and Pritam gave his cam to sis. It’s really worst situation for us where we both have empty hands and we are on trek, really guys our faces are just like Jag (trek) suna suna lage, jag (trek) suna suna lage bin apne Camera. Kese hoga ye trek yaar…
We had Breakfast and by 7.40 am from karjat we started our journey by a private vehicle towards KHANDAS (base summit village). It takes about an hour to reach KHANDAS from KARJAT. While travelling as usual we made nutty jokes and some of trek mates shared their own Himalayan trek experience which was really good as info. Soon we entered in cool, beautiful Khandas village where we had introduction round and start climb up till Ganpati mandir. Route known as Ganesh ghat. After simple climbing of 20-25 min we reached Ganesh Temple. We clicked some photos. Thank God other rangers had their cameras. Nice cool atmosphere revived us, so we were ready to start our trek. Whenever we saw beautiful scenery me and pritam missed our cameras and irritate each other’s but one of ranger RVS understand our conditions without camera so he offered his camera to me. Thank you RVS. Yes photography starts hurrrreeeeee…From Ganpati mandir, a simple climb of an hour we reached plateau where we enjoyed colors of grass. These plateau ends take you to a well which is on the right side. We relaxed near well. From this spot you can see PadarGad on right side and Nagpheni on left side. The Nagpheni seems awesome and the panoramic view was eye-catching. PadarGad have two pinnacles, big one is looks like lord Shiva pindi and small pinnacle is just like Nandi in front of lord Shiva. Really nature is too imaginative. From this spot you can see two routes; left route takes you towards Bhimashankar and right side way to go to PadarGad. If you miss this you can easily get lost coz the path is not clear as needed.

After crossing well we keep our eyes on right side so we saw a stone written as padarGad killa with direction. After 30-40 min hike we were at front of huge walls which have cuts. We came out from Jungle to ascending steeply to the fort. One small but strong tree gives support in ascending slippery path. We did climb and stood up in one long gulley where only one can stand up at a time, it just likes a queue. At top we saw natural two big holes made bcoz of rocks which looks like a chimney. enjoyed climb, I tried for diff climb step. Macchi who helped other rangers to climb are really tired bcoz literally he pulled off two big rangers. Hats off yaar. Me, pritam and mayur easily climbed it by back and hand support. It’s too difficult bcoz of very small area where difficult to adjust our bodies in that gulley with our bags. With help of back you have to move upward, it’s tricky for those who are new to rock climbing. Finally all of us at the top of chimney, from this thrilling height we saw all greenery all over which mind blowing and my eyeballs clicked before I took photographs.

Now again a scary climb so machhi decided to add rope for support. pritam ,mayur helped other rangers in climbing while I was busy in photography. One by one we completed it with full enjoyment. We are on the top of plateau where creepy pinnacles in front of us. One cave is also there, going ahead we got slippery steps. We enjoyed panoramic view and captured it in our cameras. Wow what a look of pinnacles, Giant rocks are in steady condition years n years. Just like someone ordered them as steady and forgot to tell relies. I don’t know how u will enjoy this moments in pictures or on net by info, you must feel it, enjoyed it by stands on this plateau. We saw two water tanks on plateau. Walking on plateau on right side we get two caves. First cave is not as good as second.

Cave is too big where easily 30 peoples can seat comfortably. We relaxed in cave. Cave is at the edge of padargad so you can see all jungle, routes of Bhimashankar and sense cool atmosphere. Lunch time called and we all were in circle enjoyed variety of foods. Yes Pritam how I forgot taste of Chicken and Bhakari from your Tiffin. Literally Mayur, machhi and I were just in mood of attack on chicken. Really we never get such variety, taste and such different combination of foods anywhere. Some songs and debate on old dance style was nice. Especially Jitendra dance style. (Someone said that Jitendra bhag bhag ke nachta tha and heroin ko bhi bhagata tha ), Hahahehe.
Bird eye view from Padargad, you can see Peth fort, Nagpheni (sneak hood) and Bhimashankar range. After bharpet lunch and good rest, call came from mayur/Machhi to start descends. The view from cave and the atmosphere was such unforgettable; Descend was easy but for padargad need to be carefull due scary slippery steps.

Descend starts and after easy trek of 1 hrs we reached near the well. Where mayur gives us oranges and also we enjoyed Biscuits, cakes, chocolates and some chatpata food. Took Group photos near well and moved down to Ganesh mandir route. Easy walk of 30 min we reached the near mandir. With full mastiee wonderful and adventures trek complete safely, thanks to lord Ganesha. At base our magic man (public transport vehicle) waiting for us. After feedback session, starts journey from khandas to karjat.

Padargad trek was awesome and memorable for us. We enjoyed climbing and whole trek In Beautiful scenery, cool atmosphere just because of you V-Ranger team. Thanks guys for organized such nice event and completed it safely, successfully.

End???? I forgot something?? Oh yes my all time favorite’s quote.
I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.... I Share

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Sandhan Valley -The Valley Of Shadow

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on Friday, 18 January 2013
in Trek

Sandhan Valley - A Fantasy Adventures Journey (18th night,19th & 20th Jan 2013) VRangers
18th Jan 2013 Friday, One more trek starts from dombivali station same like bhairavgad..I guess there is some connection between Dombivali and me, right now am not aware of that may be in future LOL..

ok as per planning 18th Jan I have to catch KASARA last train of 11.54 pm form dombivali.Wow Surprise, my trek mate ASHWINI was there, who also going for SANDHAN Valley..Gr8 yaar. Beside ASHWINI there was a mysterious guy named SUDARSHAN (he looks like Riza Kurt the gr8 climbing lovers). even After two days trek still I could not understand him. One more Funny character I met at station PRATHAMESH, who told us his trek experience (with full masala dalke) where he fights with leopard (?). He always in mood of “Ye to kuch bhi nahi”As train comes we gathered in one compartment.

Wow my last trek mates Pritam, Danish, Sandy, Mayur, Sandeep and really great.. With full masti we reached KASARA.At station there were two jeeps waiting for us. With full comfort we started our journey towards SAMRAD (base village for sandhan valley). After almost 3 Hrs in jeeps (mar gaye the yaar,,,thand hawa kaha se aa rahi thi pata nai jeep me) we reached sweet village SAMRAD. It was freezing cold at 4.30 AM when we reached there. We took halt in front of school. ANANDA (trek leader) told us to take rest. Some of our trek mates are too tired so they slept but they missed the fun given by PRATHMESH..yo yo CAMPFIRE. Yes campfire we need it most in that freezing what a fun that was.. KUNAL and MAJID two guys make that campfire unforgettable.. Yes Yes PRATHAMESH your contribution is more than others. Without PRATHAMESH no chance for fire to gives us to warm us in delightment But let me tell you guys it was really awesome. Thanks KUNAL/MAJID..At around 7:00 Am wakeup call… Me and PRITAM took our cameras for capturing some snaps of beautiful village and scenery.. we desperately waiting for sun rise because in front of us sahyadri range and RATANGAD fort. So we desire to capture sun and Ratangad together. BTW PRITAM you have nice sense of photography ( class lete rahna mujhse) Hahaheheeeeeee.We were busy in our photography at that time other hungry rangers were busy in KANDEPOHE (off course nimbu marke yaarr…samjhlo yaar ye bhi koi bolne ki baat he kya)..and hot tea ( bole to garma garam chai adarak marke)..Thanks YASHWANT KAKA..YASHWANT KAKA (Paryatak margadarshak) who was going to give us all support required in trekking.

He have all technical knowledge which required for all difficult 3 patches while descend the valley. After morning breakfast we started our trek at around 8:00 Am. Before entering valley we have small introduction session where everyone shared own experience and yes ANANDA gives us all statutory and safety instruction by his commando tone..(really good) We enter the valley in just 10 min as we left SAMRAD and from that time our foot was going to just walk on the unsteady path like. We crossed 2 water pools; in first pool we easily passed because of the water level in the first pool was below knee height but for 2nd pool we first passed the luggage’s. Coz in the second pool it was above the waist height. Where we all enjoyed it lot. I remembered our (SANDY, ME & ASHWINI) funny poses for photos in that 2nd pool. Yes at early morning we took pleasure in chilled water. Everywhere you can see giant rocks in valley.The sun was spreading its rays but the wall was just blocking it from reaching us so it fells little bit cold. We were passing between two giant mountains range. At that point I came to know why Sandhan Valley is also called as Valley of Shadow as it hardly allows the sun rays to reach the base. The valley descending is not that simple as it looks. We need to make way from many giant rocks. The main problems we faced while descending is that we were always in the search of shortest and the easiest path but there is no chance of such path. ANANDA, MAUR SANDY & KUNAL forced us to walk fast. Yes finally we were came to 1st patch at 12:30 pm (amongst 3) where we couldn’t descend without rope (approx 50 ft).. The path till the first rappelling point is very hard as it is full rocky. So Rappelling starts one by one with different actions we completed. YASHWANT kaka gave name to RUPALI as MAUSSII, and whole trek we irritated RUPALI by calling her MAUSSI. That was too funny. Yes again we enjoyed photography as SANDHAN VALLEY is good for it . As per our Leader ANANDA ordered we start our LUNCH but we want to enjoy it with all, as some of other rangers with ANANDA still stand of 1st patch. But we were walking continuously and were too hungry so start, Oh WOW WOW what a lunch which includes all variety of food. PRITAM you missed that taste food.

Before all comes we start our journey towards 2nd patch with the WALL MAYUR. Second & third patches are easy as compare to 1st. Other rangers descend the 2nd patch but Me & sudarshan waiting for our last batch. KUNAL goes back to help guide other rangers to do fast. Soon with other rangers we passed 3rd patch with help of rope where I hurt little bit, my elbow got scratches coz might my hand gloves couldn’t hold rope tightly. (Thik he yaar itna to chalta he)We reached our camp at around 5:00 PM. Near the camp there was a big pool. Where some of our rangers enjoyed swimming but I couldn’t coz of my paining elbow..Other same name prashant don’t know swimming so rangers got chance to cracked jokes on him. He really feels bad while watching other rangers swimming. We came to camp and surprise was ANANDA, YASHWANT kaka cooked Manchaw soups for us..Wow what test of that soup..Nice thing was it is unlimited; I took 3 times simply awesome.As darkness increased we saw Beautiful sky packed with shining stars, chilled weather made us forget the tiredness. The delicious dinner includes Masala rice, daal tadka, Shev and Pickle. Good test.

We enjoyed Antakshary after dinner. Some of our rangers want to slip but we enjoyed songs. After some time I decided to sleep but still MAJJID, KUNAL, RUPALI, & MEDHHA sung songs as request comes from RUPALI (musii).We woke up early at 7:00 AM and I /SUDARSHAN enjoyed swimming in the big pool. Early morning after tea and after delicious Maggie makes our morning gr8. After the breakfast we started our return journey towards DEHANE village. After that we started walking towards DEHANE village from where we would take the JEEPS till AASANGAON.. We got the JEEPS @ 2 PM to AASANGAON which came already late as time given o them is 12:3 PM. The JEEPS took 1 and half hr to reach AASANGAON and from there we took delicious LUNCH in hotel PARIVAR (really gr8 food). After bharpet lunch we had one small feedback session where everyone shared their own experience during trek. Reached Aasangaon station on time and we were able to catch the 4.50 PM CST local. This was my first ever trek that got concluded in the day light. And yes Sandhan Valley trek was the most thrilling and memorable trek till now for me.You can see our enjoyments in photos as I always use to say.. “I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.... :)”


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BhairavGad - 2013 New Year start Trek

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on Sunday, 06 January 2013
in Trek

BhairavGad…awesome experience boss From start of trek to end.full mastiiiiiiiiii

All rangers had met at Dombivli station. Macchindra (trek leader) introduced me with other rangers..and the surprise waiting for me.. That I met another rangers who has similar name of mine Prashant bhoir(oh ho another one, let’s see )
Then we were picked up at 7.00 AM from Dombivali and driven in a privet bus to Moroshi (Near Pune, India). Kandepohe waiting for us in bus with bole to nimbu marke.. 
In spite of reaching Moroshi by 9.15 AM. After tea time, introduction session started where everyone share their trek experience (around 90% of our ranger are engineers OMG really am proud to be an ENGINEER) all are good trekkers.
Ok we started the trek at around 9.30 AM. At start ANANDA ( trek leader) middle Machchhindra (trek leader) and the wall named as Mayur Shetye (trek leader), sandeep(sandy), prashant (ha porga lay bhari bolto yaar ) and Ajay Nachare with full masti. 
And hence journey started towards the most strenuous trek till date – A test of patience, stamina, endurance and guts. Right from the beginning, the trek was proving to be difficult for me. I was really slow (actually am a very fast trekker but for Bhairavgad I can’t,;( ) maybe middle in the group for the first half of the trek. You realize trekking is not a race. No one cares if you reached the peak first (at least I don’t). All one should care about is to head towards the goal. 
Anyways, I somehow managed to catch up with the groups at various pit stops and eventually started improving my speed. OMG finally rangers stopped and took the rest..Thanks guys.. I needed that most. All stress gone with that one bite of oranges provided by V-rangers. What refreshment simply wowwww… thanks Rangers team 
Trek started again…The climb was quite steep, sun playing a total spoilt sport the entire day. but what a atmosphere (AC jhak marta he yaar us hawa ke samne) 

The panoramic view around the Bhairavgad was the only saving grace. After almost 2 hours we spotted the huge rock we were about to climb Yes, we climbed that rock. It was a 90 degree climb from the left and it was thrilling. While the explorers set-up the safety gear, we tried to find some shade and rest. I found this awesome spot and slept.
First, we climbed the rock finding grooves in the rock to give us the grip. Then we reached this small cave like place where the trekkers had left this huge nail drilled into the rock. We used that as a step to push ourselves up to the next turn. Then with a harness for protection, and a rope loop acting as a groove for one feet, we turned around – 180 degree to reach this patch of rock (Still absolutely no grip on the mountain. It’s the harness and the groove keeping us in the air) 

Yes I have to mentioned Deore sir pritam and our silly jokes while watching pritesh climbing …almost half hour for one step…thanks for enjoyment pritesh (hahahehe Arun C. Deore sir , pritesh ragavnar nahi ..he bagha )
Ok now my turn for climb …fut gayi thi boss but did well (wo bhi acchi tarah se) i hope so ;) and another many scary steps and we reached at top …
yes we did .. …guys what a felling that time, simply awesome…everywher sahyadri callng me for hug…yesa lag raha tha ki jaddu ki jhappi lu...
From top of BhairavGad we can see harishchndraGad , taramati, konkan kada and sahydri range. 
Ok now descend, I decided to walk down and all of a sudden I realized, the steps are not wide at all. One on side you have this mother of a rock and the other side is a 300 meters drop. Somehow, I crawled down (This has by far been the scariest part till date).
If I had to walk down these stairs with company, I am sure I wouldn’t have freaked out so much. Now rappelling starts with full hansi majak..i guesss we never forgot prashant laugh..what you say Arun C. Deore sir?????????
we started the descend to the bottom of the rock and started our trek back. Yes we had lunch tasty food (prepared by my MOM) and also other rangers have variety of foods.
Start descend and after a couple of falls by ninad we gave chance for lots of laugh (something you get used to while trekking), a never ending walk and one apple we reached Moroshi.
We hardly spoke to each other. We were all busy eating. If not for the sun, I believe this would have been a pleasant trek back. Finally after all these good moments, thrill, enjoyment we were on the way for home… 
Still the guys Ashwini, prashant, macchindra,and Depre sir are sung song by their tired voice but yes let me tell you guys, that was awesome…
All the passengers were exhausted and we all tried to get a few moments of shut eyes. Thanks to V-Rangers team 
While trek we all looks like born photographer…what to say at last just wanna say…. 
I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.... :)

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Awesome experience with Vrangers

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on Tuesday, 27 November 2012
in Trek

Once again trekking given me an awesome experience with Vrangers group....
Trek to Gorakhghad was a really a good and lovely experience............
We had a great and wonderful time during the treking.......thanks to Vrangers group...
all the movements starting from kalyan to murbad and then murbad to Dheri village through ST good time...
we reach Dheri village by at 1.30 am night and started treking towards Gorakhghad mountain....
and after 2 hours walking towards upward to mountain we have great feelings and enjoying the night treking by supporting each others. we reach near to the caves of gorakghad by 3.30am....
We were lucky to see the stars in the sky was looking beautiful like a big Jhumer hanging in the sky....
we had a great camp fire at night.... thanks to machindra, sandeep and kalpesh who had arranged this.........
We had a great antakshari.......there were 2 singers in our group i.e. Madhuri and vivek Jhadav with other coures friends.....who has done homework for singing......
It was lovely morning too see.... we get black tea and milk tea...... made by sujit, shree iyer and nilesh... it was kadak through which we became fresh and some friends get morning pressure...
and the sandwiches was too good.. a huge thanks to vivek jhadav, sandeep, machindra, Madhuri salvi, kanchan, and the Rakhi........
the guest were given some trouble to us, non other than the monkeys.....
then we started climbing up the real patch of gorakhghad. and it was too good while going up to the top and then getting down with same way i.e near to 90% steep steps of mountains............. a huge courage of our freind rakhi who has cried while going up and then while getting down....but she has completed with a right spirit.......
at last we reach to the base village dheri by 1pm had a good lunch veg and non veg...
veg food was awesome but non veg food was too good that our friends were enjoyed and futher they want a straw to drink the chiken Rasa from the plates......
then we took the transport facility to reach kalyan.........on the way to kalyan we have good singers i.e madhuri and vivek who has sang good memorable and old songs and we all joined by giving corus to them...................
finally we reach kalyan. the busy life were started. we started running to catch the train to reach home......................lifeonce again comes to daily routine track....
Thanks to VRangers who arrange this trekking we had great experience............
I hope you all had enjoyed.........
I thanks to all my friends who given support during the trek i.e Prashant Bhoir, anurag chivilkar, abhijit mane, vivek jhadav, madhuri, raki, kanchan, yasin, nilesh, shasank gore, shree iyer, ankush chavan, aditya, kartik and other friends.........


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Monsoon Trek to KULANG -VRangers

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on Thursday, 05 July 2012
in Trek

What do we expect in monsoon – Rains! Water everywhere! Algae & mosses forming slimy cover on rocks! Aah! This was the first time I started hating rain so much!

We, VRangers, started for Kulang late night by boarding 12.19 a.m. Kasara Local. As usual everyone boarded from their station in the second last compartment. I boarded from Thane, some from Vashi like Amogh and Shilpa and some from Pune like, Ruchir, Devesh, Amit, Chaitanya and Sujit! Others like Ananda, Sudhir, Allen, Pradeep from Thane. So a herd of like-crazy mentality of 27 members headed for Kulang. Unawares of the forthcoming adventure. I was in my own self, I guess even others didn’t anticipate the imminent nature’s treasure called Kulang.

All alighted from local after almost 2 hrs of Journey at 2.00 a.m. After a brief introduction round, we got in the available-arranged vehicles and we were off to Kurungwadi (Base village of Kulang). Since, it was not crowded, almost everyone rested except ruchir, who kept on rolling out his bollywood encylopedia to us i.e, Shilpa, Sheetal, Ishwari and me, who were seated in the back seat! He kept us entertained thoroughly while I tried to catch few winks! But every now and then I used to catch some of his dialogues and used to blurb out few words and doze back. I guess the guys in the front seat all dozed off! Around 5.30 a.m. we reached Kurungwadi. Although, the place we alighted was not exactly the base! We had to get off and walk 1-2 kms in the early morning chilly rains that had been lashing out whole day and night everywhere and it had flooded the road that lead to the base. Luckily, some of them came well prepared with wind cheaters but unfortunates like me, Jiten and Rohan bore the harsh rains throughout the trek. We shivered from head to toe and carried on till we reached the base in the evening on the same day. Even Ananda and Sudhir didn’t had the wind cheaters on! We were all drenched from head to toe for next continuous 12 hours. We were in the base village by 6.00 a.m. Ananda and Sudhir took us to a hut where they prepared the breakfast. Girls helped them out. Finally, hot poha and tea gave some relief to all of us who were already frozen because of ongoing heavy rains and winds. 

We started from the base towards Kulang, Initially we couldn’t see Kulang because of dense fog. As it was raining heavily and continuously no one dared to take out their camera including me. Slowly as we proceeded, we got the first glimpse of mighty Kulang and the adjacent Madangad.

There were many parallel lines of waterfall running on both the mountains. That was the sight to behold. Some of them managed to capture the beauty before it was again engulfed by fog. We started to ascend after crossing some water streams, trotting carefully! It was a gradual climb, till we reached the waterfall area. Then the battle with slippery rocks began. Many of them realized that their footwear was improper because it couldn’t hold the grip on the rocks properly and trek on Kulang mostly comprised of rocks.

We reached the traverse after an hour. The traverse was to move towards the left side of the ridge. At this point, there was many photoshoots by our eminent models. As we climbed the other side we could see the multiple waterfalls in the form of thin lines flowing from top of Madangad to the base. It was the ultimate sight to capture. Still in those drizzle, Pranav and those who dared to take out camera, managed to snap some shots. I stored that landscape picture in my mind and moved ahead praying that while returning it shouldn’t rain and I will capture it while descending. Walking through almost 5 feet dense vegetation of bamboo grasses, we had to keep our hands widespread to avoid getting hit on face by those grass blades while making a passage through them. One after other such patches kept cropping up in the plateau region. We were almost at the midst of the ascend. Then the actual thrill started with the slippery, dangerous rock steps where one had to keep their feet at proper  place and no monkey business can be tolerated. Because one wrong step and you are down! Gladly, nothing untoward incident happened. I guess the members were too careful with their eyes wide open and feet carefully tucked in those grips. There were around 5 major rocky step patches and 2 minor ones in total. The riskiest one was the twisted one. The twist was such that the other side had deep valley and small rock cut steps. As soon as we finished one rock patch, I would see up to catch the sight as what lay ahead, would be greeted with fog, and I would assume that we reached, but as soon as the fog cleared there was another pinnacle daring us to cover it. This happened atleast 4-5 times, no wonder Kulang has highest climb in Sahyadris. Without letting the pain in the leg go to my mind, we all continued our march, finally we reached! Offcourse, we had too, it was quite windy at the top and since we were all drenched, we were literally freezing to death. We all got in the cave, could feel some warmth. Had the usual boisterous lunch, ate whatever we could lay our hands on, at the end I felt pity on my stomach, as what all went inside, I dont know! I guess all felt same. Then after short break, and group poses, we started exploring Kulang. Since, the winds were literally blowing like storm, we could literally feel our feet off the ground. All scrambled helter skelter to hold onto something. I could feel the chill, deep in my bone marrows. Descending began soon after, the confidence with which I climbed,was all shattered, when I came across those rock patches. The shiver made it even more difficult to hold onto myself. I descended with help of Ananda at some places, rope had to be used at that twisted patch. And then there was Ruchir at some places, he had my camera in his bag, very nice of him to remove it and put it back again and again because the rain was playing hide and seek with us. Once these rock patches were cleared, rest was easy. I , Sandeep and Rohan started descending fast, wade through grasses, butt-trekked most of the patch, and we were at base by 5.00 p.m.

Offcourse we were bit lost and trekked whole village searching for that particular house, and all huts seemed same. Finally, Rohan got the path right and we reached our destination. And yeah, I did manage to click some pictures at that traverse for which I prayed LOL.

Kulang in monsoon- that’s a worth, life-time experience! And yeah, I have developed strange dislike for rains now.

By Sonya A.

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Posted by Administrator
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on Tuesday, 24 April 2012
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We at VRangers are pleased to announce a number of treks and adventure activities this upcoming monsoon season. Gear up for an exciting journey through fiery laps of the breathtakingly beautiful Sahyadri with us!
Trek: Tikona
Date: 10th June 2012
Grade: Easy
Trek: Kamandurg
Date: 17th June 2012
Grade: Medium
Trek: Kalsubai
Date: 24th June 2012
Grade: Medium
Trek: Sagargad
Date: 1st July 2012
Grade: Medium

Trek: Chanderi
Date: 8th July 2012
Grade: Medium
Trek: Bhivpuri Waterfall Rappelling
Date: 15th July 2012
Grade: Thrilling
Trek: Bhimashankar via ladder route
Date: 22nd July 2012
Grade: Medium
Trek: Vihi Waterfall Rappelling
Date: 29th July 2012
Grade: Thrilling

Trek: Matheran via garbett point
Date: 5th Aug 2012
Grade: Medium
Trek: Lonavala Waterfall Rappelling
Date: 12th Aug 2012
Grade: Thrilling

Trek: Lohagad
Date: 19th Aug 2012
Grade: Medium
Trek: Kasara Waterfall Rappelling
Date: 26th Aug 2012
Grade: Thrilling
Trek: Kas, Toseghar, Sajjangad
Date: 2nd Sep 2012
Grade: Easy
Trek: Panvel Waterfall Rappelling
Date: 9th Sep 2012
Grade: Thrilling

Note: -
1. Number of participants per event is limited.
2. Entry will be on First Come First Serve basis.
3. These dates are tentative. Changes in dates and venue are possible without prior notice.
4. The detailed plan will be posted at least 10 days prior to event by email or on Facebook / Blog.

Team VRangers
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Harishchandragad Monsoon trek -Vrangers

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on Monday, 19 September 2011
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We started out for this magnanimous hill fort around 12.00 mid-night from Kayan ST Bus Stand. It took us nearly two and half hours to reach Khubi Phata. The distance from Khubi phata to the Base village called Khireshwar is nearly 4 kms.

We started out on the uneven path from Khubi Phata, amidst the heavy fog, and the path was faintly visible to our eyes. Armed with torch and heavy bags we strode on. On both sides, there were dense clouds, even the Dam water lake was not visible.

We reached the base Khireshwar village around 4.30 a.m. and from there we started our climb to Tolar khind. Before reaching Tolarkhind we crossed the dense forest area where the leopards roam around in night, So it is always advisable to be in group rather than moving alone ahead or staying back.

We had our breakfast at Tolarkhind with self made Vegetable Sandwiches, I mean we sliced onions, tomatoes, applied butter and home-made chutney, and finally we all relished it.

Again after 10 minutes break we started off. There was a fantastic rock patch, it was really adrenaline pumping patch, not so dangerous except at some places where it was quite slippery, but the view from the top of rock patch was astounding. Nevermind the danger of falling, anyone would be tempted to fly away to capture the scenic beauty.

After the rock patch we had to cross seven hillocks to reach the destination. The picturesque view of different coloured flowers doesnt even make you aware that you have passed those hillocks so fast. There were carpets of white flowers, yellow flowers, purple and blue inflorescence on different hillocks. As if we have entered valley of flowers. The path is simple not much tedious, we just kept on walking and walking enjoying the fog covered mountains, the cascading waterfalls, the flowing streams, the chirping birds and noisy woods,till we saw the crown of Harishchandreshwar temple. We all got in, and settled ourselves in the caves that were located behind the temple. They were quite clean infact. We earmarked the spaces that we required to sleep, since it was peak time of the season and many groups frequent this place, so it is always better to reside in one as soon as a cave is found empty or else it becomes a problem to locate a place to rest in night. The harishchandreshwar Temple has got beautiful carvings on its walls, being very old and some sculptures can also been read. It is said that Sant Changdev stayed here for some time in 14th century and completed his manuscript - 'Tatwasaar'. The Nandi and Shivling in the temple are really wonderful. The fascinating thing about this temple is that it has been carved out from a single huge rock. There are entrances from all four sides. On the main entrance there are sculptures of faces. These are faces of guards of the temple. On the left side of the entrance is a Devnagri inscription. On left side of temple there is a well- built lake called "Saptatirtha". On its bank there are temple-like constructions in which there were idols of Lord Vishnu. When we visited it was not there, after going through many sites, I found that they were shifted to the caves near Harishchandreshwar temple.

Since we reached around mid-noon, we rested for two hours and started off for konkan kada by three p.m., We had tea which was arranged by Ananda in the cave by some villagers, set off to Konkan Kada, it was raining heavily, and because of that we couldn't get the view from top. Although, we enjoyed by strolling around, getting ourselves clicked, singing and dancing amidst the heavy fog, it was heavenly experience. Due to the concave shape of the cliff, any particle which was thrown from edge would eventually got thrown up by the winds that crash to these cliffs. So, I had fun by throwing some grasses into the edge and swishhhhhhh it would fly high enough to disappear in thick fog. It was the most exciting part of this trip.

We descended to our dwelling by 5.00 p.m. had our simple, tasty filling dinner of Rice, Bhakhri, Pitti and slept by 10.00 p.m. Nilesh made a small bonfire to keep us warm, it was very cold as the night set in. I wrapped myself with Ananda's jacket and Rubens sleeping bag took care of my legs. Its lesson for me, next time I will go prepared with blanket to save myself from shivering to death. LOL. Saturday got over and Sunday was about to start.

We got up around 5.00 a.m. - 6.00 a.m. We aborted the plan to visit Taramati peak because of dense fog that surrounded each and every nook and corner.

After finishing of with breakfast of Kanda pohe, biscuits & tea, we visited some caves, in one of them, there was huge Lord Ganesh's Carving, some of these caves are used by trekkers to reside during night. There was Kedareshwar Cave on the right side of Harishchandreshwar temple. In this cave, there is huge Shivling, which is completely surrounded by water. The total height from its base is about five feet, and the water is almost upto the length of our shoulder and it was icy cold. Locals say, that the water is present throughout all season. Ananda and Jay swam across to pray almost sending shivers to me in that chilly monsoon time. There are four pillars on four corners of the ling. One pillar is full, other two are in 3/4 and 1/4 condition respectively and last one has almost vanished. There are many sculptures carved out on cave walls. Due to fog, it was not clearly visible.

We started packing our bags ready to bid adieu to this wonderful place. Got ourselves clicked, did some photoshooting, and back to return journey. We descended fast. By 2.00 p.m. we were at the base Khireshwar village. We had our lunch there and got a Jeep to load ourselves and reached Khubi phata. From there we came to Kalyan via ST bus. By 7.00 p.m. I was in Mumbai.

This was the Best fun filled and memorable trek till date. It will be cherished for long time.


BY Sonya A.


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VRangers Trekking Dhak Cha Bahiri

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on Tuesday, 05 January 2010
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Trekking had always been my passion. My friends in Pune had absolutely no interest in it and so I decided to find some new people with similar interests. I was just browsing through orkut for the trekking communities until I found one named ‘VRangers’. The name in itself was catchy and so I decided to interact with the members of the community.

They had organized a trek to ‘Dhak Bahiri’ caves which I was precisely looking for. I had heard from a few friends and the colleagues at my company that the trek to dhak bahiri was one of the toughest treks in the sahyadris. I got in touch with Ananda (the leader and the organizer of the treks for VRangers). I was a bit worried as I didn’t have any experience of ‘Technical’ treks (with ropes and other equipments). Ananda gave me the confidence and hence I decided to go ahead with the trek. I had trekked about 5-6 forts but this one was one of the best treks I had been to.

Dhak Bahiri caves are situated at about 50 kms from Pune.  One needs to get down at the Kamshet railway station and proceed to a Jambahvli village by bus.

I got down at the Kamshet station at about 7.30 in the morning and there was still about an hour or so before the VRangers group to arrive. I had a small introduction with Ananda at the railway station when they arrived and after that he just ran to the bus station to book a bus for us. I proceeded with the group towards the bus stop. Looking at the group my first reaction was “Man! Look at them. They are totally professional trekkers. How am I gonna do this trek?”

Ananda hired a bus and we started our journey towards the Jambhavli village. The mood in the camp was upbeat. They all started singing and cracking jokes in the bus and I realized that it was going to be fun with these guys. We got down at jambhavli after about half an hour of a journey. The first step was the introduction and instruction round.

During the introduction round I got to know that there were some real ‘adventurous’ trekkers there. Ananda along with Sangeeta and Macchindra were associated with VRangers from 3 years. They didn’t even remember the no. of the treks they had been to. Man! That was impressive. There was this guy ‘Rajas Deshpande’ who had gone to about 200 treks. I was left agape. Ananda gave us the instructions about how to go for the trek and the safety precautions needed. We started our trek with Dinesh cracking jokes. He has got some real sense of humour I must say!

We trekked for about one and a half hour until we reached a small ridge. We decided to take a short ‘rest halt’ at this point. The mood was real upbeat. By this time I had really gelled in to the lot. I, Macchindra, Bhagya and Rajas were the first to reach the ridge. The view from up there was amazing!

The real fun started from here. We carefully started to descend the ridge. Ananda and Sudhir guided us through the patch. When we reached the base of the ridge, we all were mesmerized by the beauty of nature!

We decided to rest a bit as another group was trekking up the bahiri caves. We clicked some real good photos there. Ananda told us that each one of us would require at least about 20 mins to climb the 25 feet wall to reach the caves. We started to move from there carefully towards the base of the wall. The ropes put up in the wall helped us to see through the horizontal patch with no real difficulty.

Then came the real test. When we saw the wall we realized that it had about 70 degree gradient with no real patches where we could land our feet while climbing. Again Ananda and Sudhir came to the rescue! They guided us to the caves. The sun was belting down and the rock was getting hotter, still they continued to stand in that heat in the middle of the rock patch just to help others. It was tough for the guys to go up not to mention how tough it would have been for girls! Sangeeta, Bhagya and Archana did a remarkable job to reach the top.

There were three ropes tied to the top to one of the rocks and a wooden log with the help of which we had to climb. The log swayed precociously. We all reached the bahiri caves and started clicking some photographs. As again the view was astonishing!

All kinds of stuff were happening in the caves. The humorous conversations between Pradeep and Dinesh were the best of all. A group of the local villagers brought a chicken to ‘serve’ it to God. That suddenly became the talking point of one and all.

The group that trekked before was taking ages to descend (No wonder! They didn’t have the likes of Ananda, Sudhir, and Paresh with them!).  Descending was tougher than we thought! One wrong step and you’re gone! Fortunately we had the trio of Ananda, Sudhir and Paresh who guided us. We were scared a bit specially for the girls but they did a fantastic job.

After everyone had climbed down the rock patch, we started trekking down at about four in the evening.  We walked for about an hour and reached the base village Dhak. We took a halt there and had Gulab Jamuns which Ananda and Sangeeta had brought.

It was about 6.15 and the sun was setting down. So we quickly started walking again towards Karjat. The experience after that was one of the best that I have ever had. Walking through the dense jungle with no torch was amazing! I, Macchindra and Rajas tried to scare Bhagya by speaking about ghosts and that kept us upbeat. Wherever we would stop for the rangers that followed us, Bhagya would start showing the constellations and the stars and macchindra would somehow find a way to crack a joke upon that. We had some real fun! Macchindra kept on saying that the base is just 10 mins ahead every time we asked and in its anticipation we would continue our walk. Finally at about 9 we reached the Karjat railway station.

This was one of the best treks that I had been to and got the opportunity to interact as well as make some real good friends!

VRangers rock!!!!

By Devesh Pande


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