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Adventure, fun, love for nature and fuelling the hopeless addiction of exploring the unexplored “together” is what VRangers is all about! We are a group of fun loving people who believe that the best way to unwind is by getting closer to nature driven with a rush of adrenaline through various forms of adventure sports. And hence, we are here, arranging treks, hikes, jungle safaris, valley crossing events, rock climbing sessions, river crossing events, waterfall rappelling and many more adventure activities for anyone and everyone out there who wants to explore the world of adventure. For we believe the more we spread this joy, the more we will grow and learn!
So, whether you are an amateur or an expert, VRangers welcome you all! Be a part of us and you won’t experience a dull moment!
“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” – Helen Keller

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  • Velas Biking for turtles festivle with Vrangers

    Bike Trip to Velas with Vrangers ---VelaBLOG---By Ranger Dhananjay Sharma.
    Someone said, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Vrangers says what happens in Velas stays in heart for aeons!!!
    Just back from a bike trip to Velas, a small villag ...

  • VRangers B'day Celebration 2013...अविस्मरणीय

    अविस्मरणीय आठवणी ...

    Vrangers चा B'day event .. Lavali base camp.. खूप उत्सुक  होतो .. खर म्हणजे मी खूप खुश होतो ते योगायोगामुळे ... माझा वाढदिवस आणि Vrangers चा वाढदिवस एकाच दिवशी !!! सर्व Rangers कल्याण  स्टेशन ला भेटले .. काही जुने काही नवीन .. सर्वांना पाहून बर वाटल. आणि आमचा परिवार जीप च्या दिशेने निघाला .. ९ तारखेच्या रा ...
  • Awesome experience with Vrangers

    Once again trekking given me an awesome experience with Vrangers group....
    Trek to Gorakhghad was a really a good and lovely experience............
    We had a great and wonderful time during the treking.......thanks to Vrangers group...
    all the movements starting from kalyan to murbad and then murbad to Dheri village through ST good ti ...

  • Monsoon Trek to KULANG -VRangers

    What do we expect in monsoon – Rains! Water everywhere! Algae & mosses forming slimy cover on rocks! Aah! This was the first time I started hating rain so much!

    We, VRangers, started for Kulang late night by boarding 12.19 a.m. Kasara Local. As usual everyone boarded from their station in the second last compartm ...

    Jul 05 Tags: Untagged

    We at VRangers are pleased to announce a number of treks and adventure activities this upcoming monsoon season. Gear up for an exciting journey through fiery laps of the breathtakingly beautiful Sahyadri with us! Trek: Tikona
    Date: 10th June 2012
    Grade: Easy Trek: Kamandurg
    Date: 17th June 2012
    Grade: Medium Trek: Kalsubai
    Date ...
    Apr 24 Tags: Untagged
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