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Ahupe Ghat (आहुपे घाट) Calling

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Monday, 15 July 2013 in Trek


Ahupe Ghat

Ahupe Ghat Calling………………..
Every weekend it’s difficult for me to decide where to go for trek. One day left for Sunday but yet not decided where to go as many option of trek events so it was tough decision. Had many plan running in my mind but difficult to select one of from options Peth, Tikona, Harihar and Ahupe ghat. Saturday night was in party but is still confused due to next day plan not fixed where to go. Finally decided Ahupe ghat as it’s not heard before. So Call Ananda and confirmed. (As Vrangers is my home group now
J I didn’t fill guilty ;) of giving instant confirmation of joining event). Itna to chal jata hai yarr kabhi kabhi ;)


Early morning Sunday, woke up at 4:15 am (soya kab tha uthane ko ye abhi tak samajh nai aaya). As meeting point was Kalyan and then Murbad by Bus, so I took a bus from panvel to kalyan. But unfortunately due to new Bus driver I reached Kalyan at time (6:30am) when Murbad bus just left with other rangers. Called Ananda and asked what to do??? He gave me Dipti”s(ranger who also missed Murbad bus) no. She told me that they (another ranger Bitto with her) were going through sharing taxi till Murbad. Finally we reached Murbad. As breakfast had Upama (tasteless), “Mood bigad diya subah subah Upama ne” One Request to Ananda yarrr please kuch bhi milega wo kha lenge kidhr bhi but please yesa breakfast mat lao parcel me please.

Saw familiar faces and met new one too. Fun started within old rangers and our journey started towards Khopivali (A base village) with total 37 rangers in two fully packed jeeps.  9:00 are of morning. Setting was not comfortable but view from outside of jeep was awesome. It looks us going from green carpet as both side of road covered with monsoon color. It’s almost 9:30 am when we reached Khopivalli village. Khopivalli is a small village aprox 20 km away from Murbad.

We started trek and just 10 min passing through the village we came to across waterfall, Wow what a view of Ahupe ghat. From right side massive view of Gorakhgad/Machindragad. Jingle of stream was fantastic. Had intro round there but barely heard anyone voice as water song right to be heard. How we controlled our self to grab all nature beauty in camera???Click click.

Huge mountains In front of us as called ahupe ghat. Fog play hides n sick in ahupe ghat. Outlook of peak with mist was incredible. We started walk from stream and the follow the tail of mountains. Shape of mountains of Ahupe ghat looks an excellent art of a finest artist, just a splendid job. “God tussi great ho” Sahyadri is a marvels creation of god.

We entered in jungle by rising hill, now everywhere nice cold, green atmosphere which gave us more strength to climb. I remembered how Pritam get tired soon as trek just started (When I asked then he told me they never satisfied with last ni8 food and felt tired) See importance of healthy diet.

Again we met with another nice waterfall, some of rangers enjoyed in water as there was no rain from start of trek. All were tired but we started hike slowly but steadily. “Bas ho gaya yarrr” “Aur kitna hai” This type comment show a time for break. Yess yesss Oranges a Vrangers special refreshment. Everyone get half of orange, that half piece of orange gives tremendous pleasure and strength to starts again with new energy.

15 min of hike and we reached at open area as in Ahupe ghat once you enter you won’t be able to walk on flat patches. We were on height so the view of Gorakhgad/Machindragad was simply fabulous. A clear view infects the two peak of Gorakhgad/Machindragad like a crown.

I took one pic of Pritam in such angle that it looks like he wore crown. And suddenly, “Varundev prassana huye hum pe” We were tired, humid but that little rain refreshed us.

Ahupe is a route of continuous climb. You continuously have to raise your legs and another 30 min hike took us to a big beautiful waterfall. I showered my head in that hassled water which re-energized me. One girl Dipti (Dipti her name,I guessed???) slipped due to improper action. She hurts little bit in toes. As she became normal trek started again and that time Pankaj augastin, pritam and I had nice debate on office life which helped to divert topic and Dipti might forgot her pain. As our photography never stop due every step nature gave us new look.

As we crossed stream I observed the rout was joined at point where water fall and trek road again comes together so I decided to climb stream and succeeded. I would like to bring to the attention that it’s not my overconfidence but “kuch to adventure thrill mangta hai na boss”. As I always easily get tired of doing the same old things again n again but yes I love to explore what’s new around to me.

Finally after all walking climbing we were at summit at around 12:15 pm. It’s a U-shaped straight drop of about 200-300 feet. That’s a beauty. Many time people asked me that what you get by this trekking and adventure.. Here I want to give them ans. you sophisticated peoples..See my face, No tension, No worries, see how happy I am, Daily life sucks our happiness but can you see it on my face??? look at my sahyadri… can you ever imagine how it feel when you at summit… where Sahyadri’s winds flow entered in your body, And time when your eyes don’t wanna even blinks for a second and confused what to captured and what not..Guys this is what I acquire, which you can’t get it in any cost in your Concrete jungle.

I lost myself again n again in imaginary view of Ahupe ghat. One side you can get clear view but within min it changed in foggy. Play of fogs in Ahupe ghat was really unforgettable. Lunch call came from Ananda and my mind comes in rangers again. “Areee bhai bhuk lagi hai re”  
“Kisne kya laya hai” All Hungry rangers attack on food, this time where there is no groups or no control, everyone enjoyed each other Tiffin. Remembered pritam’s Tiffin, Chicken curry was not in condition which smells due to it was made in last evening. Another girl Sapna brings delicious Crabs curry, Shikha, Yatin, Shona, Khushbu and bitto all brings good food.

Good photography session carried out. Nicely captured jumping pictures by Yatin(“Aakhir hai to Hamara Panvelkar”) No one forgot Disgusting but funny posses of Hemesh and Bandya(Sheryas). We took many jumps like Chinese film.

“Full masti chalu thi” but Ananda’s focused on wristwatch so pack up call came for decend so we packed up our photo session


At 2:30 pm descend starts in full masti mood. It was nice descend in time pass chit chat session.
I saw one snale on leaf, instantly my hand goes on camera and clicked some nice snaps of beautiful snale. Descend is always quick but it gives big pressure on foot. Had some rest on the way n enjoying scenery of Ahupe; we reached at base at 5:00 pm. Rains already showered us.

All freshen up and desperately waiting for tea. But we took one seep of tea (it’s definitely not a tea what we know as a tea) which flavored like hell. That villager added Parele biscuits in tea; Imagine Parle biscuits in tea????? (WTF).Nastiest tea I ever tested. L

Now it’s time to say bye for Ahupe ghat as well as Khoipavlli village. Jeeps were ready and we started our return journey at 6:00 pm. But it’s not end as new crisis were waiting in next turn as jeep tyre got punchers. Oh no any “sala itane thake the aur tyre ko bhi abhi punchred hona tha” WO bhi dono jeeps ke; and we lost 30 mins. Finally we reached Murbad and we took Bus for Kalyan at 8:00 pm.

Ahupe ghat full thrilling trek also with full enjoyment and full mastii but gave us lots of new knowledge as Sahyadri always teaches us new and we learnt and become more experienced child of Sahyadri trek by trek.

Enjoy all in photos as…..

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.J I Share


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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing.

~ Helen keller


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