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Chanderi night trek & Pinacle Climbing

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Sunday, 17 March 2013 in Trek

VRangers Chanderi night trek & Pinacle Climbing


Region: Karjat
Height: 2592 ft (above MSL)
Base Village: Chincholi
Grade: Medium upto Fort, Pinnacle: Tough
I guess B’coz of I don’t have any practice of using public transport, might this transportation system had taken revenge on me.
As predicted Pritam, Mayur twits few comments on me and am trying to convince them but no chance. Mean time Ananda/Deepak arranged 2 privet vehicles (from that one is JincredibleJ) and @ 11:50 pm our trek started towards Base village Chincholi. It’s nice to see some knowing faces over there from last treks like Prakash/Thakare/Arun.

All view was just imaginative. Mountains, dams, small villages; everywhere.
You can see Prabalgad, Kalavantin pinnacle, Mahismal, navra-navri, Haji manlang, IrshalGad, Peth from Chanderi summit.


9th Mar night- 10th Mar 2013 .

Fort: Chanderi

History: There is no significant history attached to this fort. Near the caves on the fort are visible some remnants of fortification. This is the only sign to designate Chanderi as a fort. Although worth mentioning as the jewel in the crown of forts in the district of Raigad

Trek: लख लख चंदेरी तेजाचा न्यारा हा चंदेरी किल्ला

The most awaited trek from last many months has finally come …. Me & pritam many times posted on Vrangers group about to arrange chanderi climbing and might because of persist, ananda & team finally added event of chandery night trek and climbing.

It’s 9th Mar night and as per schedule we need to gather at Badlapur station @ 11:26; from there we could travel towards the base village. No no not again L I miss my train which was preplanned, all trek mates on time; except me. I took next slow local for Badlapur and reached 20 min late. (2nd time in trek lifeL).

After a half hour tour we reached Chincholi village. Filled our tummy & bottles with water and we started hike in presence of only starlight (As moon is on leave; as his monthly W/off. ordinary people called it as “AMAVASYA”). Torches on and our long trek headed for Chanderi. Yes yes why should I forgot to mentioned that Pritam forget to bring his torch J J J J

It was a pleasant trek in cool atmosphere but soon we tired coz of stiff hike. Ananda @ front as usual, Mayur is @ middle but due to his tendency as wall he always came’s with us at back but Deepak was wall for trek. Pritam, Prakash, Thakre nd me enjoyed Trek chitchat. Once stiff part finish we were at flat plateau. Had small intro round where before someone pointing on my behind schedule, I gave my intro as latecomer. Hope It gives immense pleasure to my friends. Am I right Pritam/Mayur????

Without delay we precede ahead; where we could see Chanderi on left & big Mhaismal on right. Saw white arrow marking which shows the directions. We followed the white markings in torchlight, No one natter except us. While intro session Ananda told us about how stiff waterfall routs, some off ignored L but actually it realizes only when we reach there. Yes the rout was really hard as like Sandhan vally coz we have to use this only way which is for Chanderi. As waterfall rout come we relaxed little bit there. It’s nice to captured photos of bushed faces of mate’sL. Giant’s stones everywhere we took left which are close to waterfall but could able to imagine the presence of waterfall rocks at side.

After an hour hike all are drained as it was a straight climb. Many times we observe trek organizers carry heavy bags. But never knew how heavy it was. Finally I & pritam decided to take trek experience by bringing those heavy bags. So we convey our thoughts to Ananda/Mayur, and they accept it without hesitation (I guess they want to check our determination. L Mayur SaleJ). Mayur handover his gigantic bag towards us. Pritam took it first & gave his normal bag to Ananda.

I like night treks as everywhere we can fill peace, which always gives me nice filling may be coz of it keeps away from daily noise. Easily I could able to read face of pritam as bcoz giant bag & it also warning for me that in next turn it’ll comes on my shoulder. We took some rest on flat stones where in Manson water usually plays jumpy rides. Without anyone told I felt that it’s our turn to face those giants (bags). Ok I gave my small but sweet bag to Pritam & ready to bring monster. Initially I felt good as in mind-set of “bus itna sa weight” But honestly guys it was terrible experience to carry it in waterfall way. Very less opportunity for grip, you just your own. Balance your body with such type of weight in mountains is essential.

I remember one gujju boy named LaLLAn who give up at one stiff spot. I have alredy burden of monster bag and pritam also irritate to explain routs to new trekkers. At the same time LALLAN asked us to take his own bag??? We both just amazed and our ears do not believed what he said, we asked him again; what?? And literally I don’t know how I control my anger by his request. What the hell he said to take his bag??But we control our self, Pritam calmly took his bag and gently we started our hike. Really hate this kind of people who think that trekking in Sahyadri is like picnics in garden.

It’s 4:00 am and we all drained. At start Ananda, mid prakah & thakre and at back we push all trekkers. Finally team at base of chanderi pinnacle. But still I & pritam slowly finished as there is heavy wind, stiff climbing and mainly we had that monster bag.

We at muharthan of “MAHASHIVRATRI” and at chanderi pinnacle base there is lord SHIVA’s small temple. So all villagers are usually visited there while MAHASHIVRATRI. We reached near caves; there are two big caves over there but both packed by Lord SHIVA’s bhaktgan. The caves are huge horizontally. One disgraceful thing which was Lord Shiva Bhaktagan has made it very dirty with plasticsL

We all are tired and its aprox 5:00 am so without wasting time we loosen our bodies on the way. Small stones pinned at our backs but literally we slept without fret. But we could not able to sleep as many bhaktgan with their big voice walking by our sides. But relaxed backs with closed eyes gave us more needed comfort.

Lots of voice so we decided to wake up, as morning started to spew beautiful view. Cold atmosphere makes us energetic. Yes our camera called us to capture whole scenery. So by flash-flash all view captured by blinking eyes. By the time Ananda prepared special Maggie with help of prakash/Thakare. Pritam contribution was also impressive. Mayur/Dipak joined us at 8:00 am. Now we were ready for actual Chanderi climbing. With Lord Shiva blessings we started climbing. One of trek mate give up there so we handover our extra luggage to him.

First we did scary traversing and reached where actual climbing starts. There is one water tank which nicely filled with clean water. Nice session of scary climbing. Rocks are just like flat facade, hardy there was chance for stood comfortably. For climbing you have to find your own grip with three grip rule. Loosen rock patches were there so climber need to be careful while select grip. One patch is there which is very risky; you must find one step ahead and then find grip for second one then move. One by one we completed it. Some off mates were too slow but they did.

After scary patch we thought this one is last but same patches come again n again. I remembered that only one tree which helps and if needed someone can add rope over there for support. I guess for new climbers rope is needed for these patch. From this we could see Awesome view of sahyadri where lots of colorful nature everywhere. Every patch where I got chance to stand comfortably I took snaps of scenery/trek mates. I still remembered ananda’s eye J whenever we used cameras. Slippery small way and more patches; where many little stones come down when someone’s wrong steps. There was one cave which had some soiled water.

Some more climbing and we at point where eye catching view of Nagin (it’s a line of little hills one by one) There is one natural made hole in hill; this was imaginative. Finally we at summit of Chnaderi pinnacle. The climb upto the pinnacle was the most challenging i had ever attempted. No safety ropes. And rock climbing for the first time. What a view yaar. Simply mind blowing. I don’t know what I like when I am at top but yes summit gives me pleasure. No noise no tension when you at this top.

Someone rightly said Chanderi is a jewel in the crown of forts.

“SHIV CHATRAPATI, SHIVAJI MAHARAJ KI JAI, PURANDAR, GOBRAMHAN PRATIPALAK, SINHASANADHISHWAR, RAJADHIRAJ, SHRI SHIVCHATRAPATI MAHARAJ KI JAI”. At summit Chtrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue and a big Bhagva flag indicates Swaraj armor. With proud feeling took some group photos and all panoramas.

We start descend with big chest; Climbing down is also tricky here. Due to many slow trek mates we climb down slowly but safely. Sun was beating down on us heavily so we are so thirsty. At pinnacle base team prepared Nimbu-pani. Cold water from cave was simply marvelous. It revived us.

We reached at big cave where we had lunch and took a little nap. Descend is quite simple and quick. It took us just over an hour to reach the plateau from where the real agony started. All our water bottles were empty, and with the entire open plateau go on, after about an hour’s walking in the hot sun we were back to base village Chincholi. Enjoy cold water on face and by magic (vehicle) we get to Vangani station.

Mission accomplished and captured in cameras for life history.

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.J I Share

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing.

~ Helen keller


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