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HarishchandraGad via Nalichi vaat (हरिश्चंद्रगड नळीच्या वाटेने)

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Sunday, 07 April 2013 in Trek


HarishchandraGad via Nalichi vaat (हरिश्चंद्रगड नळीच्या वाटेने)

6th, 7th April 2013

Fort: harishchndraGad
Type : hill fort
Height : 4671 ft
Grade : Hard

History : The fort is quote ancient. The various puranas have many reference of HarishchandraGad. Its origin said to have been in 6th century. this place was ruled by a king named Harishchandra (not the one we usually hear of). He built this temple dedicated to the lord Shiva followed by a ShivLing near a small waterfall beside the temple. A small citadel at the top of the mountain was named after his wife Taramati. Another mountain in the same range, a few miles away was named after his son Rohidas. Never ever in the history of this mountain did any battle take place here? The various caves probably carved out in the 11th century. Great sage Changdev used to medicate here in 14th century. Harishchandreshwar temple and kedareshwar indicates fort belongs to medieval period. Later the forts were in under control of Moguls and The Marathas captured it in 1747.

Trek: Yes it’s a most awaited trek for me bcoz of I heared lots of about HarishchandraGad trek via Nalichi vaat. Mainly tough endurance so it required lot of physical stamina. Where need to walk long miles.

6th Apr night at 12:15 am our journey started from Mumbai by a privet vehicle towards base village Walivare (belpada) where we’ll gather with Pune’s member. We enjoyed tour in Malshej ghat road, just little bit disappointed bcoz of we managed our self in inadequate space.

We reached walivare (base village) at around 3:00 am, where we saw our pune’s members are in deep sleep. We have to wake up at 4:30 am in early morning and only 1 and half hour remaining so without wasting time we all rest our bodies and took a little nap.

We woke up one by one and starts tiny campfire. After everyone freshens up we enjoyed teasty kandepohe. Also Prasad gave us Thepale in parcel for breakfast, so we could enjoy it on the way if hungry. It’s now 05:15 am of cool morning. Ahead in whole trek there is no source of water so we filled all water bottles and starts to walk with twinkling stars. It was completely dark where everyone on their torches. It looks nice. I managed to shoot some shots through my camera.

After a hike of 1 hr we were at plateau where we could see big Kokankada in front. It’s a nice place to captured whole wall of kokankada. ”konkankada” is a natural rock wall, a concave fall of 900 mtrs. Also could see a awesome view of big HarishchandraGad peak.
Its 07:00 am of lovely morning, some more photo shoot of beautiful landscape we started trek and soon we reached at Nali. A Sturdy way for HarishchandraGad the
famous Nalichi vaat. Big stones shows there giant look everywhere. We were quick but Nalichi vaat down us. Awesome nature with nice trek mates we enjoyed hike.

Walking, climbing, and lots of jumping finally we reached 1st rock patch. From trek starts that were first time where all group gathered. It’s really nice for climbing but it was too easy. Still our WTA team decided to add rope there, as many little stones are loosen by every wrong steps. One by one completed by own style. I remembered one guy Ajit, who gave us lots of laugh bcoz he caught at top of rock patch and Indrajeet helped by latterly pulling him out.

The Nalichi vaat gave us awesome view of long valley. Some more big rocks and for climb with loosen little stones at feet. Here I understood the value of my trekking shoe (Action trekking shoe) as it gave me nice support and makes my walk easy. Steady patches have to climb by your own skill bcoz whenever you take wrong steps there is small stone fall starts which too scary for backward member. 2nd rock patch was good as it gave nice show of Nalichi vaat. We ate Thepale on a big stone where easily many people can seats comfortably.

We move towards 3rd rock patch. Way was too scary bcoz of loose footing? Here rope is needed for support as there was a big crack on rock wall which feasible to fall at any time. We could not able to seat in relax and even not easy to stand normal bcoz of slippery path. Yes it was a nice patch.

At top of 3rd patch we could able to see whole Nalichi vaat. There was a big stone where we took many photos by different poses. A scary traversing gave us some thrill as dangerous fall on other side. A nice dangerous view gave immense pleasure to our eyes. Wow nature is really too imaginative. Soon everyone completed 4th rock patch and Nalichi vaat is finished safely.

11:30 Am; we at plateau where sun ruined us by hot rays. Everyone enjoyed Nimbu pani and had Thepale, Chakali. Some more climb and we at top of KOANKADA. Everyone amazed while watching Kakankada beauty. Simply amazing. Kokankada clif is not just vertical but it is an overhade looks like a cobra’s hood. We all were speechless while watching magnificence Kokankada. The bird eye view from kada was incredible. We all park ourself at top side of kokankada and try to capture stunning panorama in blinking eyes. We could see huge peak of HarishchandraGad. There was a hole made on edge where you can stand and see all Kokankada wall. I want to feel that air flow in my body at that height and at edge of Kokankada so I removed my T-shirt and by flying my wings imagine bird stance. Yes have some photoshoot with different posses. ( Hmm someone tweets “body dikha raha hai sala” guess who ??? obviously sala Pritam hoga (aur kisme dum he J ).

We decided to leave kokankada and head towards Harishchandreshwar temple. Small hike and we reached plateau where at top we could see TARAMATI and at base a marvelous temple of lord Shiva. Around this temple there a few caves and water tank. Water tanks surrounding temple not looks clean as need to be. The river MANGAL GANGA is said to originate from one of the tanks. Inside temple there was a big water tank and filled with cold drinkable water. Really what a fine art of carving sculptures of temple. A short distance away, another temple called Kashitirth temple . Inside a big cave temple has been carved out from a single huge rock.

Going rightwards of Harishchnadreshwar temple we come cross a huge cave which called KEDARESHWAR. Inside cave there is a big shivlinga which is surrounded by ice cold water. There is only one pillar remaining who acts like support to whole cave. Oh what a nice idea to take bath after long walk and climbing. We entered in ice cold water and enjoyed it. It’s extremely cold as heard. We scarcely managed to be there for more time inside. Amazing cave with one pillar was nice sight and couldn’t control to capture it in various angles. It’s just a masterpiece.

After long walk, climbing all was extremely hungry. As food already ordered and which was waiting for us, so with no time all were attacked as we were hungry form many days.
Bajari/Jauri bhakari with soyabin sabjji and rice with special tadka dal and yes onion rings. Wow what a tasty food it was. I still remember that delicious soyabin and tadka dal. Yummeee
we all were exhausted by long walk and after ice cold bath with delicious lunch not able to control our bodies to rake rest. The cave was as big as easily 50 peoples can accommodate. We just removed shoes and give up on the floor. Within minute some off were literally snoozing.

Wake up after one hour with full fresh mind but heavy body. Still want to sleep for some more time but as we want to go downhill we hardly control minds and get ready for descend. In our plan there is Taramati trek also there but due to less time and tirede body we cancelled. Just salute Taramati from cave and started return journey.

Descend was quite easy through Tolar khind. We left Khireshwar and move towards Khubi village via Tolar khind. It was a nice descend and enjoyable as me and Prasad shared many historical info. We saw Pimpal mori dam and khubi village (also able to saw our busJ) while descend. On the way Prasad showed us Junnar darwaja (Rajmarg). While descend we were lucky as got chance to ate Ranmeva Karvanda (Conkerberry). Mouth-watering karvanda, still that delicious karwanda makes water in my mouth ;)

Finally we reached Khubi village where appetizing dinner of mixed vegitables, chapatti, dal rice and papad made our day. With full masti, full adventure and thrill; the awesome trek comes to end with nice memories in mide and as usual with new friend. This is one of best trek I had ever been. Kokankada my friend see you soon, Definatily I will come again to hug you bcoz now you are my best strong friend and yes for your blessing as you are proud part of sahyadri.

Check it out all above mentioned chronicles in snapshot as………………….

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.J I Share


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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing.

~ Helen keller


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