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NaneGhat (नाणेघाट)

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Monday, 15 July 2013 in Trek

NaneGhat (नाणेघाट)

15th July 2013

NaneGhat is the one of the ancient trade routes, existing right from the Satvahans. It was in extensive use to transport goods arriving at the Junnar which was then a flourished market place.

Type : Ancient Trade Route pass
Grade : Medium
Height : 2800 ft
Base village : Bhoir wadi
Duration : 2 to 3 hrs.

NaneGhat trek finalized and as decided we gathered at Kalyan Bus depo. Took Ahmadnagar bus, (One can take any bus going through Ale phata or nagar). But all were unlucky as no one gets seats so all of us started travelling by standingL. As time passes we all had the benefit of sailing (yes, road condition was not good it felts like we were in boat).
Finally bus took 1st stop for breakfast at Murbad. Due to 1 Hrs standing, muscles needs some stretching. Badi Bhuk bhi lagi thi yarr; Subah se jo kuch bhi nahi khaya tha. (Expect @ home, one glass milk).
Mumbai’s famous Wada-Pav is also called Trekkers breakfast now days. Garam Garam Wada-pav and Chatpati Bhajji filled our tummies and also gave immense pleasure.

Just standing more half hr distance in bus and conductor stopped bus at Naneghat Stop. (It’s before Malshej ghat & 2 km ahead of “Vaishakhare” village).
As get down from bus we saw a huge stone board screening name of Naneghat in Marathi. At back side of stone nicely written
सात्वाहन कालिन ..पू. 250 नाणेघाट व्यापारी मार्ग, कल्याण ते प्रतिष्ठान (जुन्नर)”. Eye-catching stone itself said “yarr ek group photo to mangata hai” .a

Knowing each other in intro session we started our trek towards NaneGhat. The big gate showing way for naneghat caves. The view of Nanacha angatha (Thumb shaped pick of Naneghat) from starting point motivated us. It’s just look awesome.

We were walking on green carpet which nature spared for us. In front of us Naneghat peak saying like “C’mon guys, jaldi aa jao” There were 3 small waterfalls on the rout and after that we select right side. Nice cloudy day and condition is like at any moment rain started showering.

Saw yellow colored bird on the way but like as usual many times yarr I could not recognize that birds. “Bahot bura lagta hai yarr; Kya felling hoti hogi wo ki koi bhi bird dekho and immediately us bird ka naam muh me aaye”
L Sad but true m not good in identifying birds.

Half hour walk on green plateau we entered in deep area, where big trees covered and beautiful flowers with natural designed grasses. Saw yellow colored mushrooms which look like sunflower. Nature opened the supernatural color box and decorated it magically.

Our breathing changed into little faster as normal walks changed into stiff hike. Now the route clearly showed us some big cut steps. Also some broken part of stones is evidence for history.

Route looks similar to Bhimashankar as long trees and dark side. Soon we entered in waterfall route which was stiff and uphill. Every 10 steps the path changed directions like zik-zac,

We were at height where can see the thumb shaped pick in our head. Again uphill and right/left direction hike reached to some open place, where we could see at base villages and at our left massive plateau of Naneghat and at right “nanacha anghatha”.
We can easily see caves inside Nanacha angtha. “S” shaped routes till caves which were little bit tough for new guys.

While ascending saw many groups those started there descends in a big line. Remembered there laughs as whenever someone from them was slipped. Om and two more were already reached in front of caves, while me and Pankaj helps other for directions.

Finally reached caves and can’t imagine the size of caves. A big Waterproff cave inside of big Nanacha angatha. (Thoughts came in my concrete mind “yarr isame to 3 BHK ka flat aram se ban jayega”). In front of cave there were 5 small drinkable net n clear water tanks.

Almost 3 hrs walk made us tired and hungry too so by freshen up we seated comfortably in cave.
Started lunch; what a variety of foods came in front as everyone opens Tiffin boxes. Bread butter with jam, chocolates, Puranpoli, Chakali, Puri-bhajji, Chivada, Kachori, cakes, chapati-batata bhajji, and from my side I opened chocolate flavored box.
One of trek mates Dinesh has his birthday so cake cutting done by birthday songs. Birthday boy gave us Cadburys which reminds us school days.

Now we started to explore, the real awesome patch of Naneghat, that rock patch looks tremendous. What a fine art of stones. Two giant walls; one of Naneghat plateau and other wall were of Nanacha angatha. Tha rocky path showed how delicately it was made in ancient.

Exploring that giant walls and mounting way we move ahead. At end of massive Naneghat walls there was a stony big container (dagadi ranjan). This was used in ancient as Toll coins collection box.

We were going on top plateau of nanacha angatha but suddenly Om shouted “C’mon mitrano, lavkar ya” Om face tells that he found something great. Soon all of us reached there and “oh my god” what a scenary dude” fogs in full speed, just like we watching a race where fogs were participants and we as audience in balcony and cheering them quickly fast. Stunning performance given by fogs in Naneghat valley.

No one from us wanted to move ahead “sach me yarr kya khel tha fog ka, Beautiful”.
As top of nanacha angatha also called us so finally we reached at summit.
At peak I always forget myself or I changed. Really not able to express in words but summit makes me calm and always I just wanna throw myself in that beauty.

We start descends by same route and same time rains started heavily. Wind flow was beyond expectation, so we decided to stay in cave till rain stop. Soon rain minimized pressured and we started again. But due to rain, path changes into waterfalls which made our hike slower n slower.

We all started on same time but due to some slow new trekker we reached late. Still me Om, jadhav and sunil reached almost 45 min early than others.
As all mates came we hire a jeep till kalyan. Finally 8:30 pm reached Kalyan and had nasta as per test.

It’s a really awesome and full masti trek, where we enjoyed lot.

Heavy rain and still I managed to capture some snapshot as I always said…..

I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.... :)”


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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing.

~ Helen keller


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