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Velas Biking for turtles festivle with Vrangers

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on Saturday, 30 March 2013 in VRangers Biking

Bike Trip to Velas with Vrangers ---VelaBLOG---By Ranger Dhananjay Sharma.
Someone said, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Vrangers says what happens in Velas stays in heart for aeons!!!
Just back from a bike trip to Velas, a small village along the Konkani coast of Maharashtra. With vrangers had gone there primarily to see the release of Olive ridley sea turtles that hatch at this time of the year (Sorry to have fun)...hahaha...
Sun, surf, sand, forts, wildlife, cool climes, fun n Frolic, it’s all here. So it comes as no surprise that while looking for weekend getaway options, we don’t look too far or beyond our home state. That would also probably explain why eight places from Maharashtra feature in the list of top 10 popular tourist hangouts in West India, according to a survey carried out by travel portal, Holiday IQ, and velas is “unfortunately” one of them (Human will never leave anything virgin..)
Incidentally, according to the travel portal, the top 10 most visited spots in the state are within reach for those looking to escape the city, accessible with just a tank full of gasoline and some good company (incidentally Vrangers has habit of amassing likely minded coterie) 
Two days, 500 kilometers, one forts and tranquil villages is the concise material description of what we experienced on the just passed weekend. However, the real essence of those moments is just beyond vocabulary to express.
It was impromptu decision to join karthik, and as per plan was waiting for kathik to come out of operation theatre and start journey, but doctor and his accomplice forced me to wait for another 2 hrs at MAN-khurd (right Karthik). We started out on the afternoon of 23rd Feb 2013 on karthik’s HUNGERbird which occasionally cajoled me to have tea, other riders had already left early morning. It was a long drive that we chose to embark on that hot noon on the Mumbai-Goa highway. 
We started from Panvel at 1:00 PM on Saturday, 23rd Feb noon. We started out with cognizant minds of the long drive. After lunch at Mahesh lunch home, we quietly moved out of the Panvel city and that is when they began to feel the heat amidst spiky traffic due to ongoing double lane WIP . Once we treaded along the Goa highway after bifurcation from the Mumbai-Pune road, it was a cool and calm ambience greeting us with in between intermittent opposing vehicular traffic. As planned earlier, we quickly saw Pen being left behind and approached Wadkhal Naka. 
We started on our journey further. Our next destination for the scheduled halt was supposed to be Mangaon. The metaled road of the highway quickly slipped under the tires of bullet as we breezed past Nagothane and Kolad. Moving across the lonely roads at a brisk pace we reached Mangaon for our round of tea and karthik’s next cigarette, there we realized bullet started puking, after some assessment decided to move ahead, soon pradip and sonya joined us and we rode 180 Kms long drive on the boulevards and the last stretch being quite bumpy, after crossing via jetty reached velas finally surprised to see samuhik snan of varun, kamlesh and kunal, later had awesome dinner in banana leaf which is one more reason of visiting velas and staying at Joshi uncle’s house.

The enchanting Vrantakshri (Vrangers Antakshri)
Though four of us missed fun of being together mumbai to velas ride, post dinner fun erased the pain of pillion to karthik’s iron plated seat of thunderbird, we met for bon- fire/antakshri, to which kunal’s puranpoli and dipendra’s sewai was cherry on cake, The LALLLAAA viza razzaa…struck us and it was suffix to all songs to which our opponent team zeroed to ohh Balma..antakshri continued late night which several beats of songs making void at times for song starting with “M” and “N”..
Rest awaited us and a much deserved one!
We were back to our den to sleep but never expected how can MERI AWAZ SUNGHO can infuriate me, the night started with kharattaas (snorers) and three musketeers Kunal, kamlesh and karthik kept chit chatting late night, somehow managed to get 1 hr sleep when dipendra’s peeled of everyone’s blanket to make us realize olive ridley turtles are waiting for us, we freshened and ran all the way to see three turtles cordially invited by mumbaikars and punekars, circled, clicked, as if aladin’s chirag was found till it swiftly swung into action in Arabian sea.
Vrangers swung to their action of photography, mud bath, cross country failed swimming competion of kamlesh and juntas and special deepak and dipendra’s sweet and notorious undersand activity (nangasadhu).
Standing on the edge of the bastion I was embracing the cool winds flowing offshore in a serene village of Konkan, as my visions were filled with the seamless blending of the emerald green of the Arabian Sea and the Sapphire blue of the clear skies. The gushing sound of the water seemed to dissolve the golden sands on the shores of turtle’s den as the green frothed into effervescent white and the gold quietly surrendering to the might of the invading sea waves. Such was the magnificence of the beauty that nature bestowed us with in these two memorable days, which has called me to velas for second time.
The turtle festival ended at Joshi uncle house with garam chai and poha, gangnam dance with some adventurous garma garam kahani/exp.
Folks, riders, singers, adventurers finally left for another fun and photo session to bankot fort. After winding turns and ups and downs, 32 kms were rolled by and we reached Mandangad. It is quite a developed township and caters good facilities for tourists, after gulping sugarcane juice, Beerangers started riding for Mandangarh and reached Mangaon for lunch.
The trip ended with feedback session near Karnala bird sanctuary with Ananda as surprise, the fun of Lalllaaa, o balma, meri awaz sungho, snoring, bonfire, sewai, antakshri, poha, chai, joshi uncle den will always be missed.
For me, Vegas is a vacation from being overinhibited, in the highly overinhabited yet uninhabitable city of complete uninhibition
Dhananjay Sharma
(I reiterate, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Vrangers says what happens in Velas stays in heart for aeons!!!)

Dhananjay Sharma
(I reiterate, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Vrangers says what happens in Velas stays in heart for aeons!!!) —

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