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Visapur (विसापूर किल्ला)

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing. ~ Helen keller
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on Sunday, 23 June 2013 in Trek

Visapur (विसापूर किल्ला)

To explore Visapur for a long time in my mind but being unfortunate I didn’t get a chance till. It’s Miserable that I had been to Lohgad in last year but missed Visapur as both forts are on same way and both can travel around in one day.
Someone rightly said that everything happens on time.
So Visapur here I am coming towards you for your blessing.

Meeting point was Malavali station (which was base village also). I took bus till Lonavala and then catch Pune local train for Malavali (1st stop from Lonavala).
Woke up early in Sunday morning and reached on time. Yeah yeah fells better. But soon am depressed when come to know that other people missed their scheduled train and they reached 1 hrs.Late
After one hour frustrating killer time on station all late comers came and at 10:00 am we started walk towards Visapur. Another guy Prasad naidu also suffered as he also on time.

On the way had breakfast (Upama) and nastiest tea . After 10 min of walk we reached Malvali village.
As there is a famous waterfall in malavali, saw many people enjoying their weekend with full masti, Shawab and sharab . There we had small intro round and started walk towards destiny of that day Visapur.

Near waterfall there are stairs for Bhaje caves, which we’ll explore at end of trek as per plan. While walking Prasad and me discussed lot on our trek experience, we keep walking but ladies from our group are far behind so we decide to wait for them. When they came we know that one girl’s shoes tearing out. So she wore another pair of socks on shoes and started walk. That was really a good idea.

Beautiful scenery of monsoon everywhere and wide cloud cover sky so hardly got a chance for sun to show his presence. We continued and took many stops along the way as ladies are too slow coz of shoes problem.

Cool atmosphere and eyes are delighted by watching nature’s magic as everywhere special monsoon green color. All trees even little grass showered by nature cool green color.
One can see long wall of Visapur fort while walking. Finally we reached at plateau where roads divided into two directions, Right for Lohgad and left for Visapur. By salute on right side to Lohgad we took left and started walk towards Visapur.

Now flat and easy pathway changed into rigid, strait. Hike was little bit stiff if you are new. As I felt it was very easy. We climb in-between big trees so not able to saw upper side as tree branches covered path and that time one trek mate strike his head on one tree.

Finally we reached at place where some daylight and visible but cloudy sky could see. There was a small cave which overflowing with clean water. We filled our tummy and empty water bottles. Water was chilled so couldn’t able to stop our self to take benefit by showered our head by chilled water.It was really helped us in that reviled situation.

Now we can clearly see Visapur fort wall and can imagine atmosphere on the top but to reach there need to climb a waterfall route which was very stiff. While climbing that tough route we can see stones bricks which might part of fortification wall ones time.

Finally we reached on top safely.What scenery “Awesome simply awesome”; Just Speechless. A huge plateau of Visapur and imaginary nature,. At top so many water tanks and fortification can seen. A solid fortification of wall and you walk on that by enjoying nature show, it seems picture changes as you move. We explored all plateau. Fort wall from Malavali side was long and huger. We enjoyed photography.

We tried to go every side of plateau. We wander about giant wall and all fortification constructions. From Visapur top we can easily see Lohadag Tung, Tikona, and Pavana dam. Nice cool atmosphere, cloudy day and mixture of feelings. It’s nothing but romantic ambiance.

Its 2:00 pm and still not feels hungry as our eyes pleased by nature beauty. Another half an hour we spend on top and at 2:30 pm we starts descend. A slippery rout made descend hard and sharpen stones increases risk. By easy hike in clouds we reached Malavali waterfall.

At base near waterfall staircase starts for Bhaje caves. We visited caves; Cave is covered with big stony looks like big bell. Captured all in cameras and reached base within 10 min.

At base delicious lunch waiting for us which prepared by shelar family. No time we attacked on Thali (Roti;Batata bhaji;Mug ussal;Rice;Dal and yes my favorite mango). Ahhh its really best part of every trek.

Without wasting time me and Prasad reached Malavali station and caught train for Lonavala.and soon we got a train for Mumbai (I still remember how Prasad run to buy tickets and how we got that train from opposite side of track. Prasad, Thanks Buddy).

Low light and clouds, still my cam is on and tried to capture photos for memory as………………
“I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.... :)”

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Life is either daring adventure, or nothing.

~ Helen keller


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