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PadarGad with VRangers

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on Sunday, 17 February 2013
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PadarGad with VRangers on 17th Feb 2013

PadarGad (height 2002 ft) name itself tells the story Bcoz of its different name and singular info. In past whenever I had Bhimashankar trek this PadarGad always called me. Being unfortunate I didn’t get a chance till. Finally V-rangers offer the opportunity to view, climb and explore PadarGad. There are two pinnacle named as KALAWANTIN or KALAWANTIN cha mahal.

Pritam and I expected CHANDERY climb on 17th Feb but Event added by V-Rangers team as PadarGad Trek on 17th Feb, it’s ok? As event added quickly I clicked on going but forgot to give conformation to V team and another part is last night before trek I called Macchindra and asked for avail seat. agreed, it’s my fault guys. (kya karu yaar busy schedule rehta he mera). Yes Macchi and Mayur are going to lead the whole trek. As per schedule we are going to meet at Karjat but to reach karjat I have to use public bus from Panvel but due to some problem in Bus I was 15 min late. Now Macchi/Pritam got a chance to call me as late comer (but let me tell you guys in my trek life its first time I got late (only 15 min.) due to transport issue, (Bike lani chaiye thi yaarr). Total 26 rangers gives their nominations by joining event but only 11 rangers arrived. Strange peoples!

OMG, I forgot camera and Pritam gave his cam to sis. It’s really worst situation for us where we both have empty hands and we are on trek, really guys our faces are just like Jag (trek) suna suna lage, jag (trek) suna suna lage bin apne Camera. Kese hoga ye trek yaar…
We had Breakfast and by 7.40 am from karjat we started our journey by a private vehicle towards KHANDAS (base summit village). It takes about an hour to reach KHANDAS from KARJAT. While travelling as usual we made nutty jokes and some of trek mates shared their own Himalayan trek experience which was really good as info. Soon we entered in cool, beautiful Khandas village where we had introduction round and start climb up till Ganpati mandir. Route known as Ganesh ghat. After simple climbing of 20-25 min we reached Ganesh Temple. We clicked some photos. Thank God other rangers had their cameras. Nice cool atmosphere revived us, so we were ready to start our trek. Whenever we saw beautiful scenery me and pritam missed our cameras and irritate each other’s but one of ranger RVS understand our conditions without camera so he offered his camera to me. Thank you RVS. Yes photography starts hurrrreeeeee…From Ganpati mandir, a simple climb of an hour we reached plateau where we enjoyed colors of grass. These plateau ends take you to a well which is on the right side. We relaxed near well. From this spot you can see PadarGad on right side and Nagpheni on left side. The Nagpheni seems awesome and the panoramic view was eye-catching. PadarGad have two pinnacles, big one is looks like lord Shiva pindi and small pinnacle is just like Nandi in front of lord Shiva. Really nature is too imaginative. From this spot you can see two routes; left route takes you towards Bhimashankar and right side way to go to PadarGad. If you miss this you can easily get lost coz the path is not clear as needed.

After crossing well we keep our eyes on right side so we saw a stone written as padarGad killa with direction. After 30-40 min hike we were at front of huge walls which have cuts. We came out from Jungle to ascending steeply to the fort. One small but strong tree gives support in ascending slippery path. We did climb and stood up in one long gulley where only one can stand up at a time, it just likes a queue. At top we saw natural two big holes made bcoz of rocks which looks like a chimney. enjoyed climb, I tried for diff climb step. Macchi who helped other rangers to climb are really tired bcoz literally he pulled off two big rangers. Hats off yaar. Me, pritam and mayur easily climbed it by back and hand support. It’s too difficult bcoz of very small area where difficult to adjust our bodies in that gulley with our bags. With help of back you have to move upward, it’s tricky for those who are new to rock climbing. Finally all of us at the top of chimney, from this thrilling height we saw all greenery all over which mind blowing and my eyeballs clicked before I took photographs.

Now again a scary climb so machhi decided to add rope for support. pritam ,mayur helped other rangers in climbing while I was busy in photography. One by one we completed it with full enjoyment. We are on the top of plateau where creepy pinnacles in front of us. One cave is also there, going ahead we got slippery steps. We enjoyed panoramic view and captured it in our cameras. Wow what a look of pinnacles, Giant rocks are in steady condition years n years. Just like someone ordered them as steady and forgot to tell relies. I don’t know how u will enjoy this moments in pictures or on net by info, you must feel it, enjoyed it by stands on this plateau. We saw two water tanks on plateau. Walking on plateau on right side we get two caves. First cave is not as good as second.

Cave is too big where easily 30 peoples can seat comfortably. We relaxed in cave. Cave is at the edge of padargad so you can see all jungle, routes of Bhimashankar and sense cool atmosphere. Lunch time called and we all were in circle enjoyed variety of foods. Yes Pritam how I forgot taste of Chicken and Bhakari from your Tiffin. Literally Mayur, machhi and I were just in mood of attack on chicken. Really we never get such variety, taste and such different combination of foods anywhere. Some songs and debate on old dance style was nice. Especially Jitendra dance style. (Someone said that Jitendra bhag bhag ke nachta tha and heroin ko bhi bhagata tha ), Hahahehe.
Bird eye view from Padargad, you can see Peth fort, Nagpheni (sneak hood) and Bhimashankar range. After bharpet lunch and good rest, call came from mayur/Machhi to start descends. The view from cave and the atmosphere was such unforgettable; Descend was easy but for padargad need to be carefull due scary slippery steps.

Descend starts and after easy trek of 1 hrs we reached near the well. Where mayur gives us oranges and also we enjoyed Biscuits, cakes, chocolates and some chatpata food. Took Group photos near well and moved down to Ganesh mandir route. Easy walk of 30 min we reached the near mandir. With full mastiee wonderful and adventures trek complete safely, thanks to lord Ganesha. At base our magic man (public transport vehicle) waiting for us. After feedback session, starts journey from khandas to karjat.

Padargad trek was awesome and memorable for us. We enjoyed climbing and whole trek In Beautiful scenery, cool atmosphere just because of you V-Ranger team. Thanks guys for organized such nice event and completed it safely, successfully.

End???? I forgot something?? Oh yes my all time favorite’s quote.
I walk, I look, I see, I stop, I photograph.... I Share

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