VRangers Announcing Winners Of the first Fort-O-Graphy 2013 contest.

Finally time to announce the winners of the VRangers Fort-O-Graphy 2013 Contest (Theme:Fort & Hills) out of more than 125 entries, this year's first place winner is “Gautam Verma” for his Suppbbb Capture of Pratap gad.(Info: This fort constructed by Shri Chatrapti Shivaji Maharaj near Mahabaleshwar. After defeating More of Javali and attachment of that region to kingdom, Shivaji Maharaj noticed this hill and took immediate decision to construct fort on it.)

Second position goes to “Sushil Govardhan” for his nice pic Dhodap_Ikhara Pinnacle. (Info: Ikhara Pinnacle _ Dhodap, 3,700 ft high, lies in the Satmala range in Nasik region of the Sahyadris. It is situated on the same plateau with Dhodap Fort.)

And third position goes to “Abhishek Urkude” For his nice view of Rajgad. (Info: This giant and well constructed fort is recorded in history of architecture. This fort is made during the 17th century with its giant dual walls, secret passages, main passages, buildings, temples, water cisterns and locations as per instruction from Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.)

Especially thanks to our all judges and rangers who took initiative for the selection process of First 15 Pictures then Facebook voting and finally tough thing ranking from 6 pictures for 1st, 2nd, 3rd position.

This was not easy to judge and the panel unanimously said it was one of the hardest to think for ranking photograph, so you all should be immensely proud, we are!!! Thank you for making VRangers First Fort-O-Graphy Contest a triumph!

Judges & there achievements:

Mr. Prasad Pawaskar

  • Won State award in competition held by Directorate of art, Maharashtra in 2009/10.
  • Won many awards and acceptances in National and International Photography exhibitions.
  • Book Published in USA with 20 top photographers from all countries, by Mark Orr (21st     Century photography book).

Website - http://prasaadphotoart.weebly.com/


Mr. Mausam Pattnaik

  • A freelance photographer for various newspapers and magazines in Odisha.
  • Net Geo Htc Candid Moment- 1st Place.
  • Ted X & F Stop Photography contest-2011(Theme- celebrate life)-2nd place.



Special Thanks to dear rangers Neerja Panchal , Deepak Rawal for their co-operation for  Contest.

It’s been really hard to go through all everyone’s hard work. If you didn't win, no worries, we’ll be holding many more contests with many more themes!

Apart from this we would like to inform you all that VRangers team decided to come up with his table calender for the year 2014, so team have selected six pictures from all the entries.will update you all for same asap.....

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