VRangers trek to Rasal-Sumar-Mahipatgad range trek on 17 Ngt 18-19 Mar 17

The Sahyadri range extends in North – South direction along the Konkan coast. There are many mountain ranges that branch-off over several miles from the main Sahyadri mountain range. Beyond Poladpur, as we head towards Chiplun via Khed, we come across the forts of Rasalgad, Sumargad, and Mahipatgad. These forts lie in Jawali forest region Sumargad lies in between two forts, Rasalgad and Mahipatgad.


Grade – Medium.
Endurance – Medium.


This fort has a rush of visitors on weekends. The fort is a small triangular plateau of 5 acres fortified on all the sides. The two entrance gates are in good condition. There is a Veer Maruti idol near the first gate. There is a Zolayidevi temple on the fort with a stone Deepmal and tulsi vrindavan in the front. There are two large rock cut water cisterns on the fort. There are 16 cannons on the fort. There is a store room in good condition. Chakdev and Parvatgad are seen from the Fort.

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The fort is located in the middle of hill range that spans in the North South direction and runs parallel to the Sahyadris. Due to its difficulty in access, height and tough climb only experience mountain trekkers can reach at this fort. It has straight rock surfaces on all the sides of the fort and the way to the fort requires some rock climbing to reach to the fort which is located on the summit. There are some water cisterns on the fort. In one of the cistern there is a Shivalinga and idol of goddesses Bhairibhavani, Zolai, Vaghjai and Navlai in one cave. The fort provides views of Sahyadri forts in the east which includes forts of Vasota and Makarandgad. In the west one can see mid Sahyadri or Valati forts of Palgad and Mandangad.Not much is known about its past. Villagers say that earlier there a festival was held in this fort in the memory of Goddess but after an accident in which two villagers fell off the cliffs while balancing the pole, the festival was shifter to Rasalgad.


The altitude of Mahipatgad is 3090feet. This fort was built by Adilshah of Bijapur in 15th century. This fort was captured by King Shivaji in 1661. Later on it passed to Peshwas and finally to the British in 1818. There are 10 houses in the Beldarvadi village, which is at the foot hill of the fort. The villagers are said to be brought by Shivaji as bricklayers for construction of the fort.
The fort is a table land with six battlements and six gateways. The gateways are in ruined state. The Gateways are 1) Laldevdi- on North-Eastern side 2) Pusati- On Eastern side, formerly entered by a ladder 3)Yeshwant- on south-Eastern side. 4) Khed- towards southern side, this route is still in use and connects the village Beldarwadi to the fort.5) Shivganga- on western site. There is a rock cut shivling near this entrance. 6) Kotwal- on Northern side. the pathway from this gate leads to the Village Kotwal in Poladpur taluka. Here foundation of temple of Maruti and Ganapati are seen with half walls still standing.On the southern side of the fort are remnants of horse stables which are 350-700 in numbers.There are two heaps of unused mortar on the fort. There are two large wells on the fort, on near the Khed entrance and other near Pareshwar temple.The water from these wells is used for drinking by the villagers.

Cost & Terms - Conditions:

Rs. 2350/- (For registered member).

Rs. 2500/- (For Non registered member).

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Day 0: Friday-March 17th Ngt , 2017

Meeting Point:

Mumbai People: Pritam Hotel, Dadar East 10.15pm on Friday Feb 10, 2017.

Day 1: Saturday-March 18, 2017

04.30 am – Reach Rasalwadi

05.00 am – Start trek towards Rasalgad for sunrise.

06.00 am – Reach at top of Rasalgad. Explore the fort.

07.30 am – Start descending to the fort and Breakfast.

08.30 am – Move towards Sumargad.

11.00 am – Reach at Base of Sumargad.

12.30 pm – Reach the top of Sumargad and have lunch. Explore the Sumargad.

02.00 pm – Start descending the fort to Mahipatgad

06.30 pm – Reach at base village of Mahipatgad. Tea & Snacks.

08.30 pm – Dinner & retire for the day.

Day 2 : Sunday-March 19, 2017

06.30 am – Wake-up call.

07.30 am – Tea & Breakfast.

08.00 am – Move towards Mahipatgad.

09.00 am – Mahipatgad Top and explore.

10.30 am – Start Descending the Fort.

11.30 am – Lunch

03.00 pm – Reach at base village. Start return journey.

10.00 pm – Reach Mumbai.

Here is a list of all the things that we need to carry for the trek:

Compulsory items:

A proper two sided haversack to put all the things, So that one has hands free while trekking, id proof, Approx 3 ltr water, One small bag while trekking, Torch with extra batteries, some snacks, Should wear good trekking shoes, full sleeve shirt/T-shirt & Full Pant.

Non compulsory items:

Cap, Sunglasses, Woolen Jacket, Camera, Avoid wearing Gold and other jewelry, mosquito’s repellent, Electoral / Energy powder, 2 Lemon, & 2 plastic bags for weight distribution.

If you have any medical issue please carry your own medicine as we carry only First aid.

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