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Dhak – Bahiri

Fort:- Dhak Bahiri

Region:- Karjat

Type:- Hill Fort

Height:- 2700 ft

Grade:- Hard

Base village:- Jambhivli / Sandshi /Vadap
Nearest Railway station to reach –

  1. From Lonavla- Kamsheth
  2. From Karjat - Vadap / Sandshi

Water and shelter availability:- Water cisterns near the caves.


About fort:-

Different name – Dhakachi bahiri

Fascinating spots - no significant structures are remaining on the fort, except good scenery and few water cisterns.
Anything important other than history - Thinking of any place perfect for adventures, we come across many place in Sahyadris like the differences of Naneghat, Kokan Kada, Kalakrai etc. where we can also experience the thrill of technical climbing and natural rock climbing. One of them is the fort of Dhak, situated in Karjat region, and is a quite thrilling trek. The fort was discovered by great historian G.N. Dandekar.


An important part of this thrilling trek is the cave, which is situated on the other side of fort, and the way goes through dense vegetation. Walking for few minutes’ leads to a diversion and the way to right directs to a cliff called the cliff of "Kalakrai”. The narrow ridge between the cliff and the mountain descends to a narrow straight path where we come across two caves. One should proceed from here by taking support of the rocks and should be quite careful. Ascending the rock patch where a bamboo and a rope are used to climb to the caves.

The caves as such are sacred as the Lord of Bahiri resides here. From the caves, we can have a glance of the terrifying beauty of peaks of Sahyadri. We can also see the beautiful twins forts of Rajmachi, Shrivardhan and Manranjan. Here one can use the cooking vessels kept in the water in the cave. They should be kept back by cleaning after using them. A legend says that one who tries to steals the vessels, perishes.
Kalakrai Pinnacle:

This pinnacle is quite famous and frequently visited by mountaineers. The way to the left of the ridge takes to the cliff, but a rope and rock climbing equipments are necessary.
An exciting campfire spot in the forest:

Moreover, people can also enjoy an existing campfire in the forest below. Choosing a place on the outskirts of the forest with less vegetation, one can stay here for a night and experience an exciting campfire. Here we can enjoy sky observation, as the sky is clear.

Additional Info

  • Type: Hill Fort
  • Grade: Hard
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